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InsertName updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2006-05-04 16:56:11
INSERTNAME Text Commands Inserts a name variable at the insertion point. insertname [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] ...INDEXTOPIC indextopicnumber] name/k The name variable to insert. Options: DOCUMENTNAME Document name. CHAPTER Chapter name. MASTERPAGE Master page name. PAGE Page name. MARK/i The text mark name. ...

InsertNumber updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2006-05-04 16:56:05
INSERTNUMBER Text Commands Inserts a number variable at the insertion point. insertnumber [LANGUAGE name] [PREFIX text] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] ... INDEXTOPIC indextopicid | FIGURENUM figurenumber] [LEVEL ] variable/k The number to insert. Options: PAGE Current frame page #. PREVPAGE Previous frame page #. NEXTPAGE Next...

InsertDash updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2006-05-04 16:55:59
INSERTDASH Text Commands Inserts a dash at the insertion point. insertdash [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] dash/k The dash to insert. Options: HYPHEN Normal hyphen. NBHYPHEN Non-breaking normal hyphen. SOFTHYPHEN Soft normal hyphen. EN En dash. NBEN Non-breaking en dash. SOFTEN Soft en dash. EM Em dash. NBEM Non-breaking em...

InsertSpace updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2006-05-04 16:55:52
INSERTSPACE Text Commands Inserts a space at the insertion point. insertspace [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] type/k The type of space to insert. Options: SPACE Breaking space. NBSPACE Non-breaking space. THIN Breaking thin space. NBTHIN Non-breaking thin space. EN Breaking en space. NBEN Non-breaking en space. EM Breaking em...

InsertChar updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2006-05-04 16:55:45
INSERTCHAR Text Commands Inserts special characters at the insertion point. insertchar [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] symbol/k The character to insert. Options: OPENDBLQUOTE Double open quote. CLOSEDBLQUOTE Double close quote. OPENSNGLQUOTE Single open quote. CLOSESNGLQUOTE Single close quote. OPENDBLGUILLEMOT Double open...

EditText updated:2006-03-30 14:03:53 last comment:2006-05-04 16:55:32
EDITTEXT Text Commands Deletes the character or word to the left or right of the cursor. edittext [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] deletewhat/k Specifies the text to delete. Options: BACKSPACE | DELETE | DELETEWORDLEFT | DELETEWORDRIGHT. DOCUMENT/s The document name. WINDOW/s The window name. Examples: edittext delete ...

PasteText updated:2006-03-30 17:46:00 last comment:2006-05-04 16:55:11
PASTETEXT Text Commands Pastes the text from the clipboard at the insertion point. If there are objects in the clipboard, the command will fail. pastetext [progress] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] progress/k Toggle to display a progress meter. Options: STATUS | NOSTATUS (default). DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current. ...

TextCursor updated:2006-03-30 20:20:52 last comment:2006-05-04 16:54:50
TEXTCURSOR Text Commands Moves the text insertion point. textcursor [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] move/k Where to move the insertion point. LEFT Moves 1 character left. RIGHT Moves 1 character right. UP Moves 1 line up. DOWN Moves 1 line down. WORDLEFT Moves 1 word left. WORDRIGHT Moves 1 word right. BOL Moves to the start of the...

GetCursor updated:2006-03-30 22:20:06 last comment:2006-05-04 16:54:32
GETCURSOR Text Queries Gets information about the cursor or text selection(s). getcursor [INDEX number] [TYPE string] [ARTICLEID handle] [FRAMESTART number] [FRAMEEND number] [FRAMESTARTID number] [FRAMEENDID number] [OBJECTID number] [LINESTART number] [LINEEND number] [CHARACTERSTART number] [CHARACTEREND number] [POSITIONSTART stem]...

GetCursorCount updated:2006-03-30 22:20:06 last comment:2006-05-04 16:54:15
GETCURSORCOUNT Text Queries Gets the number of text selections. The user can select multiple blocks of text; this returns how many blocks exist. getcursorcount [DOCUMENT name/S] DOCUMENT The document name. Default=current. Results: The number of text selections is returned to RESULT. Notes: A result of 0 indicates that the...

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