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Step 5: Creating a text block updated:2019-12-19 16:56:20
For this lesson you type the words Take Out Menu onto the front panel. Creating a text block is the best way to enter a short block of text such as this. Before you create the text block, you should change to a larger view magnification. Choose Actual Size from the View submenu in the Window menu or click on the Custom Scale button in the Toolbar and select...

Step 13: Importing text updated:2019-12-19 16:55:16
If you cannot see the entire page in the window, choose Full Page from the View pop-up menu. In this exercise, you will import text created in a word processor into the text frame created in step 10. The text is stored in Rich Text Format (RTF), which is a standard format for exchanging text between applications. 1. Choose the Text tool. Click in the text...

Step 11: Saving as a template updated:2019-12-19 16:54:26
Because this letterhead will be used as a template for future letters, you should save it as a template. A template is a special kind of PageStream document: when it is opened the window will be untitled. This will prevent you or others from accidentally saving a letter over the letterhead file. 1. Choose Save As Template from the File menu. The Save file...

Step 7: Scaling an object updated:2019-12-19 16:53:57
The logo needs to be scaled to a smaller size to fit on the letterhead. As with moving an object, scaling can be done quickly by showing the object's bounding box, or more slowly by showing the actual object outlines. Because this is a complex logo, you will want to start scaling the object without pausing. Position the mouse pointer over the size handle at...

Step 5: Changing view magnifications updated:2019-12-19 16:53:27
PageStream allows you to view your document at magnification levels from 5% to 3000% of actual size. The current magnification level is shown on the Custom Scale button to the right of the View pop-up menu. You need to enlarge the top of the page so that you can work on it more easily, so choose the Show Full Width command now from the View pop-up menu....

Step 3: Placing a graphic updated:2019-12-19 16:53:02
In this step, you will import a drawing created with an illustration program to use as a logo for the letterhead. The logo will be placed near the top left corner of the page. 1. Choose Place Graphic from the File menu. The Place Graphic file selector will appear. Select Lessons.ILUS from the Graphics folder in the PageStream directory. If you don't see...

The Toolbar Panel updated:2019-12-19 16:52:32
Commands: Select a command or script to add to the Toolbar. Tools: Select a command or script to remove from the Toolbar, or to move to a new position on the Toolbar. Insert space: Click to insert space after the selected command or script in the Tools list. Up: Click to move the selected command or script upwards in the Tools list. Down: Click to move the...

The Folders Panel updated:2019-12-19 16:51:57
Documents: Enter the default folder for opening and saving document files. Text: Enter the default folder for inserting and exporting text files. Graphics: Enter the default folder for placing and exporting graphic files. Scripts: Enter the default folder for scripts. Scratch: Enter the default folder for virtual memory scratch files. PDF: Enter the...

The View Panel updated:2019-12-19 16:50:36
Rulers: Select to display rulers in new windows. Choose Show Rulers from the Layout menu to affect the active window. Invisibles: Select to display invisible character codes in all windows. Column Outlines: Select to display non-printing column outlines in all windows. Text Frame Links: Select to display non-printing text frame link identifiers in all...

The General Panel updated:2019-12-19 16:49:28
AutoSave: Select to have PageStream save your documents at regular intervals in case of a power loss or system error. Autosave does not save over your original document file. Instead it saves a temporary copy of the file in the folder path set in the associated Path text box. Every: Enter the autosave time interval in minutes. PageStream will save the...

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