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Why...? updated:2006-08-04 17:01:03
Why can't I import text?: PageStream uses filters to import text and graphics. Filters are stored in the SoftLogik/Filters directory. If you have moved the filters from this directory, PageStream will not be able to import text or graphics. Move the filters back, or reinstall PageStream, to solve the problem. If you can import other text, but not a...

How do I...? updated:2006-08-04 16:55:55
How do I create a text block?: Choose the ''Text'' tool and click on a blank area of the page. If you click on another text block or a text frame, the insertion point will be placed in that object rather than creating a new text block. You can click on top of non-text objects to create a text block. The text block will initially have no...

Reviews updated:2006-08-02 20:47:08
This page is a work in progress PageStream Reviewer Quotes "An Amiga killer DTP application at last!" 90% CU Amiga Magazine SuperStar Award. "PageStream 3.0c is destined to be a huge success." "The new PageStream should be the best DTP program ever developed for the Amiga." Amiga World "The most accessible Amiga DTP package ever,...

Comparison updated:2006-08-02 20:42:06
This page is a work in progress PageStream Comparison Yes, this is out of date! To be fair, we have not updated our part of the comparison. If anyone out there as a working experience with any of these or other competing products we would be happy to update it! Document Construction PageStream 4.0 ...

Features updated:2006-08-02 20:35:00
This page is a work in progress Features To see all of what PageStream is capable of you can read the PageStream documentation which is available here . New Features in PageStream4.1 Tables! Built in Mail Merge! Shift-cursor text selection! Apply text attributes to using the object or reshape tool! PDF export...

PageStream Web Site updated:2006-08-02 20:07:20
Pages used in the actual PageStream web site. By placing them in the documentation library, comments can be posted to the pages, the same BBCodes can be used internally, and simple references to the documentation can be made.

BME User Documentation updated:2006-07-29 12:51:19
BME is a tool for editing bitmap pictures. You can use it to retouch scanned or digitized photographs, or to modify pictures created with paint programs. BME provides you with a variety of effects modules to alter images, and paint tools to edit pictures. BME is not designed as a paint program. If you want to paint complex pictures, you should use a...

Common Questions updated:2006-07-26 12:01:22

Creating a Table of Contents updated:2006-07-26 11:36:34
With a structured use of paragraph tags, building a table of contents is a quick and easy task. To select paragraphs to be included in the table of contents: Choose ''Text Styles'' from the ''Define'' submenu in the ''Edit'' menu to display the ''Define Style'' dialog box....

Indexing a Document updated:2006-07-26 11:33:15
By refering to index topics using index marks in your document, you can use PageStream to automatically create an index for your document. The typical content of an index starts with a title, then alphabetic headings with index topics and the pages those topics will be found on and any references to similar topics. To add an index topic: Choose...

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