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Line, Fill & Color updated:2006-08-10 12:07:15

Concepts updated:2006-08-10 12:06:31
Composite path: When you join objects into a composite path, the original objects are converted into paths if they are not already paths, and then merged into one path. Overlapping portions of the paths will be unfilled, making holes through which objects covered by the path can be seen. Do not confuse compound objects (which are created with the...

Why...? updated:2006-08-10 12:02:47
Why can't I import a specific picture?: If you can import other pictures, but not a particular picture, it is likely unsupported by PageStream's filters. For example, PICT files using QuickTime compression, vector PICT files, and TIFF files older than TIFF v5.0 that lack the strip byte count tag, cannot be imported into PageStream at this time. If...

Common Questions updated:2006-08-09 22:12:22

Applying Styles updated:2006-08-09 22:11:54
After you create a style, you can apply it to selected objects. There are two ways to select an object style to apply with the ''Object'' tool: * Select a style from the ''Style'' submenu in the ''Object'' menu. * Choose ''Show Style Palette'' from the...

Object Styles updated:2006-08-09 22:05:44
A style is a named collection of attributes that you can apply to objects without having to select each attribute manually. Styles are used to ensure uniformity and to save time when applying attributes. Object styles may include line, fill and color attributes. When you apply a style to an object, the style's defined attributes will override all of...

Text Wrap updated:2006-08-09 22:02:14
You can wrap text around objects to prevent text from overwriting a graphic. PageStream offers you a choice of methods for wrapping text around graphics. If you want the object to move with the text as the text is edited, you should anchor the object instead of wrapping text around it. Note: When there is more than one column on a page and an object with...

Applying Object Attributes with the Eyedropper Tool updated:2006-08-09 21:49:18
The ''Eyedropper'' tool picks up attributes from one object and pastes them on another. You can paste the copied attributes as many times as you want, and you can pick up new attributes at any time. How to apply object attributes with the ''Eyedropper'' tool: 1. Choose the ''Eyedropper'' tool from...

Setting Object Attributes updated:2006-08-09 21:43:28
PageStream allows you to apply attributes to objects to change the way they appear on screen and on paper. Attributes can be applied to single objects and to multiple selected objects. The attributes which you can apply to objects are line style and color, fill style and color, trapping and text wrap. You can apply object attributes with the...

NewDocument updated:2006-03-30 17:19:29 last comment:2006-08-09 21:34:47
NEWDOCUMENT Document Commands Creates a new document. newdocument name/s The new document's name. Results: Returns the new document's name to RESULT. If the document name specified for the new document is already used by an open document, PageStream will append .# to it, so you may wish to check the result. Notes: This...

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