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Introduction updated:2019-12-19 18:55:48
Understanding styles: A style is a named collection of attributes that you can apply to a block of text without having to select each attribute manually. Styles are used to ensure uniformity and to save time when formatting text. While they can be used in any type of document, their use is critical in long documents. PageStream offers two types of styles:...

Creating and Editing Styles updated:2019-12-19 18:54:40
You can create new styles and import styles from other documents. Styles are also imported when you import text from a word processing program. Paragraph and character styles are created and edited with the Define Styles dialog box. You can also edit styles by holding down Shift while selecting a style in the Paragraph Style or Character Style submenus in...

Insert Variable updated:2019-12-19 18:50:05
The Insert submenu of the Type menu offers a selection of different variable types that can be inserted into an article at any insertion point. Once the variable type is selected it becomes part of the article and can only be edited as a single character. For example, if you select the Page number variable and insert the page number on the master page and...

Printing updated:2019-12-19 18:48:12
To print a document on a desktop printer:: 1. Choose Print from the File menu. The Print dialog box will appear. The Print Setup dialog box will appear if you have not previously configured your preferences. Click Setup in the Print dialog box or choose Print Setup from the File menu to open the Print Setup dialog box at any time. You can normally click on...

Drawing Shapes and Paths updated:2019-12-19 18:46:56
You can use PageStream's drawing tools to create simple shapes, such as lines and boxes, and complex paths. You can change the color, fill style and line style of shapes and paths after drawing them. How to draw shapes: 1. Select a shape tool from the Toolbox. Choose the Line, Box, Ellipse, Polygon or Grid tool. Some of these contain flyout groups for...

Selecting Objects updated:2019-12-19 18:36:57
You can use the Object tool to select objects so that you can move, resize or otherwise manipulate them. You can select one object and change it alone, or you can select multiple objects and change them together. Objects are placed on the page in a stack. The first object created will be at the bottom. Subsequent objects will be on top in the order they...

Drawing Text Frames and Tables updated:2019-12-19 18:34:50
You can use PageStream's drawing tools to create simple shapes that contain complex data. You can change the color, fill style and line style of text frames and tables after drawing them, as well as attributes specific to each object. To draw a text frame: Select a 1, 2, or 3 column or note tool from the toolbox, and draw it just as you would any other...

Using Objects updated:2019-12-19 18:30:45
A page is made up of objects. An object may be a picture, a drawing or a text frame; everything on a page is an object. There are seven types of objects that you can place on a page in PageStream: * text frames * text blocks * shapes and paths * pictures * EPS illustrations * drawings * tables Text frames: Text frames are containers in which text may be...

Interrupting Text Flow updated:2019-12-19 18:29:50
Line breaks: PageStream automatically breaks lines as text nears the right edge of a frame. You can force PageStream to break a line in any spot by pressing Return, but this will start a new paragraph. PageStream also allows you to start a new line without starting a new paragraph. To specify a line break: Place the insertion point where you want the line...

Formatting Text updated:2019-12-19 18:29:20
You can apply attributes to text to change its appearance and formatting. Attributes can be applied to characters or paragraphs with the Edit palette and commands in the Type menu. Attributes are divided into character and paragraph attributes because some attributes affect only paragraphs as a whole. You can apply attributes to text with the Type menu...

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