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Creating a New Article updated:2006-08-18 20:29:55
PageLiner allows you to create new articles from scratch. To create a new article: Choose the ''New'' command from the ''Project'' menu. An empty text window will open.

GetScreenDPI updated:2006-08-18 20:28:42
Gets the display resolution of the current screen. getscreendpi <stem> stem/a Gets the display dpi. Results: stem x/i The horizontal display dpi. y/i The vertical display dpi. ARexx Examples: ARexx: getscreendpi rez say rez.x say rez.y

Opening an Article updated:2006-08-18 20:26:29
You can open text articles created with PageLiner, PageStream or other Amiga programs. PageLiner can open only ASCII text files. Each text file will be displayed in its own window, and you can open as many text files as you need, memory permitting. PageLiner can only open Amiga ASCII files. ASCII files created on other computers should be inserted into an...

Starting PageLiner updated:2006-08-18 20:10:48
You can start PageLiner by double clicking on the PageLiner program icon. You can also start PageLiner from the Shell by typing its name, or by choosing the ''Send to Editor'' command from the ''Edit'' menu in PageStream when the insertion point is in an article. PageLiner can open on the Workbench screen or on an...

GetPortName updated:2006-08-18 20:04:19
Gets the name of BME's ARexx port. getportname (no parameters) Results: The number is returned to RESULT. ARexx Examples: ARexx: getportname name=result

GetPicture updated:2006-08-18 19:56:25
Queries BME to find if a picture is open. getpicture <name> NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. ARexx Errors: Returns 10 to RC if the picture is not open. ARexx Examples: ARexx: getpicture 'pagestream:graphics/mygraphic.ilbm' if rc~=0 then say 'Picture is open.' else say 'Picture is not open!'...

G Commands updated:2006-08-18 19:54:36
BME G Command Reference

Flip updated:2006-08-18 19:52:07
Flips the selected area horizontally or vertically. If an area is not selected, the entire picture will be affected. flip [mode] [NAME name] mode/k The direction to flip. Options: HORZ (default )| VERT. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: flip vert flip name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' flip name...

Fill updated:2006-08-18 19:50:26
Fills the selected area. fill [mode] [NAME name] mode/k The color to fill with. Options: FORE (default) | BACK. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: fill back fill name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' fill name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

F Commands updated:2006-08-18 19:47:37
BME F Command Reference

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