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New updated:2006-08-19 08:34:25
Creates a new picture. new [TYPE type] [SIZE width height] [DPI horz vert] [NAME name] TYPE/k The picture type. Options: BW | GRAYSCALE | PALETTE (default) | PALETTE16 | RGB | CMYK. SIZE/i The size of the picture. Amiga default=320x200, MacOS default=100x100. DPI/i The resolution of the picture. Amiga default=display dpi, MacOS default=72dpi. NAME/s The...

N Commands updated:2006-08-18 21:36:36
BME N Command Reference

MoveSelection updated:2006-08-18 21:35:33
Moves a selected area. moveselection <horz vert> [COPY] [NAME name] horz/i The horizontal movement amount. vert/i The vertical movement amount. COPY Move a copy rather than moving the selection. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: moveselection 25 30 moveselection 130 45 name 'Macintosh HD:Art:Tiger' moveselection 130...

Text Display updated:2006-08-18 21:35:11
PageLiner displays text very differently from PageStream. In PageLiner, text attributes are not visible and text is shown using a standard Amiga system font. PageLiner is much faster than PageStream because it does not attempt to maintain a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display. You should use PageStream's ''Send to...

M Commands updated:2006-08-18 21:08:21
BME M Command Reference

Closing an Article updated:2006-08-18 21:07:26
You can close a text window when you are finished working with the article. Choose the ''Close'' command from the ''Project'' menu or click on the ''Close'' gadget of the window.

LoadSettings updated:2006-08-18 20:40:53
This loads program settings from a saved preferences file. loadsettings [DEFAULT | FILE filepath] DEFAULT Loads the BME Preferences file. FILE/s The filename and path of the preferences file to load. Examples: ARexx: loadsettings default loadsettings file 'Macintosh HD:PageStream:MyPrefs' loadsettings file 'PageStream:bme.specialprefs'...

Saving an Article updated:2006-08-18 20:36:56
You should save your articles before closing them to preserve the changes you have made. PageLiner can save text in ASCII format only. To save an article for the first time: Choose the ''Save'' or ''Save As'' command from the ''Project'' menu to save the text. Enter a filename into the file...

L Commands updated:2006-08-18 20:36:19
BME L Command Reference

GetScreenName updated:2006-08-18 20:34:55
Gets the name of the screen on which BME is opened. getscreenname (no parameters) Results: The name is returned to RESULT. ARexx Examples: ARexx: getscreenname screen=result

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