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Remap updated:2006-08-19 11:33:09
Remaps the palette of a palette picture. remap [NAME name] NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: remap remap name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' remap name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

Colors updated:2006-08-19 11:32:52
The ''Colors'' command in the ''Settings'' menu opens a requester to set the colors of the PageLiner interface. Click on the box beside the interface element you wish to set, and then drag the slider bar to change the color assigned to it. The ''Paper'' color is for the background of text windows,...

Show Invisibles updated:2006-08-19 11:30:19
When the ''Show Invisibles'' command has a checkmark beside it in the menu, symbols will be shown for tabs, spaces and ends of paragraphs. The symbols to use can be set in the ''General Preferences'' requester.

Redo updated:2006-08-19 11:28:58
Redoes the last undone command or action. redo [NAME name] NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: redo redo name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' redo name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

Settings updated:2006-08-19 11:16:58
PageLiner's ''Settings'' menu allows you to set various program options and save them as the default. * ''Show Invisibles'': Toggles the display of symbols to represent spaces, tabs and ends of paragraphs. * ''Colors'': Choose colors for parts of PageLiner's interface. *...

R Commands updated:2006-08-19 11:16:24
BME R Command Reference

Scripting updated:2006-08-19 11:15:42
PageLiner's scripting system is different from that of PageStream and BME. It permits external ARexx scripts only. You cannot record internal scripts. The ''Function Keys'' command from the ''Settings'' menu allows you to assign up to ten external ARexx scripts to the function keys. Scripts can then be executed...

Quit updated:2006-08-19 11:14:52
Quit BME. quit [mode] mode/k The user prompt mode for unsaved pictures. Options: FORCE | ALERT | QUIET (default). Force ignores the saved status, alert opens an alert box if it has been changed, and quiet ignores the saved status but returns an error if the picture had not been saved. Examples: ARexx: quit force...

Q Commands updated:2006-08-19 11:12:10
BME Q Command Reference

Printing updated:2006-08-19 11:10:02
PageLiner can print an open text article to any printer supported by Preferences. Before you can print an article, you must select the appropriate printer driver with Preferences. Refer to your Workbench manual for more information. Printing an article from PageLiner is a quick way to produce a draft copy of your text to proofread, especially for users of...

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