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Cut updated:2006-08-19 12:07:26
Removes the selected text to the clipboard. cut (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: cut

ScreenToFront updated:2006-08-19 12:06:43
Brings the screen on which BME is open to the front of all screens. screentofront (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: screentofront

Printing updated:2006-08-19 12:05:57
You may print the page in HHV's active window to your printer. Before printing, you need to properly set up your printing options. Choose Print Setup from the File menu to configure your printing options. You may want to refer to the Print Setup section in PageStream's help guide to get information on how to set up your printer for use with the PageStream...

SetSmartMap updated:2006-08-19 12:05:20
Sets whether colors are sorted in the most used order before allocating them. setsmartmap <status> [SAVE] status/k The smart map status. Options: ON | OFF. SAVE Saves the value to the BME Preferences file. Examples: ARexx: setsmartmap on save

Copy updated:2006-08-19 12:04:58
Copies the selected text to the clipboard. copy (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: copy

ScreenToBack updated:2006-08-19 12:04:32
Sends the screen on which BME is open to the back of all screens. screentoback (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: screentoback

Bookmarks updated:2006-08-19 12:03:38
When you close an HHV window or quit HHV, the entire log containing the visited links will be deleted. You will not be able to access directly the links you visited during your HHV session. If you want to read a section you visited before, you will have to search it through the links once again. If you want to quickly return to a location in the future, you...

SaveSettings updated:2006-08-19 12:02:37
This saves all of the program preferences. savesettings [DEFAULT | FILE filepath] DEFAULT Saves the settings to the BME Preferences file. (Default) FILE/s The filename and path of the preferences file to save. Examples: ARexx: savesettings default savesettings file 'Macintosh HD:PageStream:MyPrefs' savesettings file 'PageStream:BME.specialprefs'...

Close updated:2006-08-19 12:01:58
Closes the current text article. close (no parameters) Example: ARexx: close

SetScriptPath updated:2006-08-19 12:01:43
Sets the default file path for executing and exporting external ARexx scripts, and for loading and saving the BME Scripts file. setscriptpath <filepath> filepath/s The path for the files. Examples: ARexx: setscriptpath 'Macintosh HD:PageStream:Scripts' setscriptpath 'Rexx:'

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