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E Commands updated:2006-08-19 13:22:34
PageLiner E Command Reference

Undo updated:2006-08-19 13:19:55
Undoes the last command or action. undo [NAME name] NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: undo undo name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' undo name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

Select updated:2006-08-19 13:17:26
Selects an area in a picture. select <ALL | CLEAR | MARQUEE left top width height> [NAME name] ALL Selects the entire picture as an area. CLEAR Deselects the area if one is selected. MARQUEE/i Selects an area with of specified coordinates. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: select marquee 50 50 250 325 select all name...

Cursor updated:2006-08-19 13:11:11
Moves the insertion point one character. cursor <UP | DOWN | LEFT | RIGHT> UP moves the insertion point up one line. DOWN moves the insertion point down one line. LEFT moves the insertion point left one character. RIGHT moves the insertion point right one character. See also Position, Next, Previous. Examples: ARexx: cursor right...

U Commands updated:2006-08-19 13:07:11
BME U Command Reference

ScriptPalette updated:2006-08-19 13:05:58
Displays the script palette. scriptpalette [status] [AT pointx pointy] [SIZE width height] [SAVE] status/k The palette's display status. Options: SHOW | HIDE | TOGGLE. AT/i The palette position in pixels. SIZE/i The palette size in pixels. SAVE Saves the size, position and display status to the BME Preferences file. Notes: TOGGLE may not be used in...

Preferences updated:2006-08-19 13:04:33
Screen Preferences (Amiga only): * ''Type'': Choose the type of screen on which to open HHV. Choose Workbench to run HHV on the Workbench screen. Choose ''New Public'' to create a new, custom, public screen. Choose ''Existing Public'' to run HHV on an existing public screen, and enter the name of...

SetUndoLevels updated:2006-08-19 12:07:48
Changes the number of undo levels available. setundolevels <levels> [SAVE] levels/i The number of undo levels to permit. SAVE Saves the value to the BME Preferences file. Notes: The number of undo levels is limited only by memory. For unlimited levels of undo, set levels to -1. It is recommended that you restrict the number of levels of undo to...

Cut updated:2006-08-19 12:07:26
Removes the selected text to the clipboard. cut (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: cut

ScreenToFront updated:2006-08-19 12:06:43
Brings the screen on which BME is open to the front of all screens. screentofront (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: screentofront

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