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G Commands updated:2006-08-19 14:11:57
PageLiner G Command Reference

History updated:2006-08-19 14:10:52
About PageStream PageStream is one of the oldest names in desktop publishing software. From its first release in 1986, PageStream has been the publishing application of choice for tens of thousands of people. PageStream began life as Publishing Partner for Atari computers in 1986 and was immediately called a "knockout program" by Personal...

FindNext updated:2006-08-19 14:05:09
Finds the next occurrence of the last searched for string, from the insertion point forward in the current article. findnext (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: findnext

FindChange updated:2006-08-19 13:58:48
Replaces the current occurrence of the text string with the specified string and searches for the next occurrence. findchange <fstring rstring> fstring/s The text string to find. rstring/s The text string to replace with. Examples: ARexx: findchange "cieling" "ceiling"...

Purchasing updated:2006-08-19 13:46:41
First time purchases Multiple-copy purchases Upgrades Selling your copy

CD Label Template updated:2006-08-19 13:46:06
Having used PageStream to create the actual PageStream CD labels, let me tell you how I did it. You will (eventually) find the final template for the generic CD Labels that I use attached to this article. The basic design is to create a master page that shows the location of the labels on the paper with non-printing guide lines on the page. Further, since...

Find updated:2006-08-19 13:43:55
Finds a text string from the insertion point forward in the current article. find [string] string/s The text string to find. Notes: If the find string is omitted, the ''Find'' requester will open. Examples: ARexx: find "ceiling"

User Accounts updated:2006-08-19 13:41:16
Create a new account Sign in with an existing account Lost Password Changing your personal data Changing your email address and email preferences Adding previous product registration information

F Commands updated:2006-08-19 13:41:02
PageLiner F Command Reference

Erase updated:2006-08-19 13:39:23
Removes the selected text from the article. erase (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: erase

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