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GetBaseline updated:2006-03-31 13:22:53 last comment:2006-09-14 09:07:24
Get the baseline offset of the selected text, or the default baseline offset for new text. GetBaseline [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | DEFAULT] DOCUMENT/s WINDOW/s DEFAULT/b This parameter was added in Default= active document Results: If the selected text covers different baselines, will return MIXED....

GetTypeSize updated:2006-03-31 13:13:16 last comment:2006-09-14 09:07:00
Get the type size of the selected text, or the default type size for new text. GetTypeSize [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | DEFAULT]P> DOCUMENT/s WINDOW/s DEFAULT/b This parameter was added in Default= active document Results: If the selected text covers different type sizes, will return MIXED. Otherwise,...

Creating and Editing Styles updated:2006-09-14 09:02:50
You can create new styles and import styles from other documents. Object styles are created and edited with the Define Styles dialog box. You can also edit styles by holding down Shift while selecting a style in the Object Style submenu in the Object menu. To create a new style: 1. Choose Object Styles from the Define submenu in the Edit menu. The Define...

Arrowheads updated:2006-09-12 16:35:36 last comment:2006-09-12 17:31:31
Choose arrowhead styles from the Start and End pop-up menus. Unlike caps, arrowheads are only applicable to open paths. If you apply an arrowhead to an object, it will override the cap for line ends. The Start arrowhead style is applied to the start point, and the End arrowhead style is applied to the endpoint. The arrowhead size is relative to the line...

Font Substitution updated:2006-09-07 15:48:05
If PageStream doesn't recognize a font in a document, the Font Substitution dialog box will appear. This is common when opening documents coming from different platforms. If this dialog box appears, you can change the document's fonts not found on your system to fonts that are found on your system. Select the unknown font in the list and choose a...

GetObject updated:2006-03-30 22:20:07 last comment:2006-09-06 12:09:08
GETOBJECT Object Queries Gets the object ID, rotation status and the status of various flags for an object or objects. getobject [TYPE type] [PAGENUMBER page] [ROTATION stem] [ABOUT stem] [CONSTRAIN string] [PRINT string] [LOCK flag] [BOUNDINGBOX stem] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number] TYPE/i Gets the object type. ...

EditObject updated:2006-03-30 14:03:53 last comment:2006-09-06 12:07:34
EDITOBJECT Object Commands Sets the edit options for any object(s). This command allows you to edit different types of objects without changing their coordinates. editobject [ROTATE angle | SKEW slantangle twistangle | SLANT angle | TWIST angle] [ABOUT pointx pointy | ABOUTCENTER] [constraint] [printable] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID...

InsertRevision updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2006-09-06 12:06:03
INSERTREVISION Text Commands Inserts a revision number variable at the insertion point. insertrevision [revision] [FORMAT format] [LANGUAGE name] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] revision/k The type of revision log. Options: DOCUMENTREVISION (default) | CHAPTERREVISION | PAGEREVISION | ARTICLEREVISION. FORMAT/s The numbering format....

DeleteRevision updated:2006-09-06 12:04:24
Deletes a specific revision log entry. New in DeleteRevision [REVISION revh] Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: GetRevision, GetRevisions, InsertRevision, LogRevision, SetRevision, and SetRevisionTracking Examples: Python: ARexx: Applescript:

SetRevisionTracking updated:2006-03-31 10:52:58 last comment:2006-09-06 12:04:07
SETREVISIONTRACKING File Commands Toggles revision tracking on or off. setrevisiontracking [status] [SAVE] status/k Sets the revision tracking status. Options:ON Toggles on revision tracking. OFF Toggles off revision tracking. TOGGLE Toggles revision tracking. SAVE Saves to the PageStream3 Preferences file. Notes: The...

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