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Posting Comments updated:2007-08-09 00:30:00
At this time, the only place that users can post comments is on the pages of the documentation. At a later date a user forum section will be opened and it is expected that it will use the same methods for stylizing your text. The text you enter is predominately straight ascii. However, you may use special codes much like HTML codes, but commonly refered to...

Insert updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59 last comment:2007-07-09 14:56:25
INSERT Text Commands Inserts text at the insertion point. insert [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] text/s The text string to insert. DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current. WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current. Examples: insert 'Now is the time' document 'project.doc' insert "I can't get no satisfaction." insert 'She...

ReplaceText updated:2006-03-30 20:08:13 last comment:2007-07-01 16:59:46
REPLACETEXT Text Commands Searches for a text string and replaces it with another string. replacetext not implemented yet

GetRegion updated:2006-03-30 22:20:08 last comment:2007-05-28 00:34:19
GETREGION Dialog Box Queries Opens a small dialog box to instruct the user to click on the page to return a coordinate value to the script. The requester has a Cancel button. getregion [MESSAGE message] stem/a Gets the coordinates of the region. MESSAGE/s The message to display in the dialog box. Max length=55. Results: If...

CreateList updated:2006-09-14 09:43:23 last comment:2007-05-28 00:33:58
Gets the {...} . listh = CreateList () Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: AlertRequester, AppendListString, CloseResource, CreateLanguageEngineList, CreateRequester, DoLanguageEngineFormatDate, DoLanguageEngineLocalizeString, DoRequester, FreeLanguageEngineList, FreeList, FreeRequester, GetCmdStringFromCoord, GetControlAttr, GetCoordFromString,...

DoLanguageEngineLocalizeString updated:2006-09-14 09:44:05 last comment:2007-05-28 00:33:42
Gets the {...} . localizedstring = DoLanguageEngineLocalizeString (languagelist, languagename, string) where string can be: NewMoon,WaxingCrescent,FirstQuarter,WaxingGibbous,FullMoon,WaningGibbous,LastQuarter,WaningCrescent, January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December,...

AlertRequester updated:2006-09-14 09:42:21 last comment:2007-05-16 09:54:41
Display a message to the user. button = AlertRequester (type/k, message/s, buttons/s) Parameters: type/k is a keyword of [ERROR|WARNING|NOTE|QUESTION], where ERROR is the default. Type influences the imagery in the alert. message/s is the string to display. buttons/s is a list of button strings seperated by a vertical bar. Results: returns the index into...

FlattenPath updated:2006-05-03 19:49:02 last comment:2007-05-13 15:41:46
Flatten the {...} . FlattenPath ([TOLERANCE pixelfraction] [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW doc-window | OBJECTID objectid]) Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: Examples: Python: ARexx: Applescript:

Object updated:2006-08-15 14:17:39 last comment:2007-05-13 13:41:04
Line & Fill Opens the Line & Fill dialog box allowing you to set up stroke, fill and screen options for the selected object(s). You can alter the stroke's weight, color, transparency, style, bitmapped pattern, start and end types, cap and join types, and the miter limit. Fill options include basic, gradient, radial and shape fills, bitmapped...

EditPath updated:2006-03-30 14:03:53 last comment:2007-05-11 13:55:11
EDITPATH Object Commands Sets the bounding box coordinates of a selected path. editpath [POSITION left top right bottom] [ROTATE angle | SKEW slantangle twistangle | SLANT angle | TWIST angle] [ABOUT pointx pointy | ABOUTCENTER] [constraint] [printable] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number] POSITION/d The coordinates of the object. ...

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