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SL_EndExamine updated:2008-03-01 23:36:17
NAME SL_EndExamine -- frees all the memory allocated by SL_BeginExamine. SYNOPSIS SL_EndExamine(exhandle); A0 void SL_EndExamine(EXHANDLE); FUNCTION Cleans up after a SL_BeginExamine. INPUTS exhandle - as returned by SL_BeginExamine. SEE ALSO SL_BeginExamine, SL_CloseFile, SL_DeleteFile, SL_DoesFileExist, SL_EndExamine, SL_EndFileNotify,...

SL_ExamineNextFile updated:2008-03-01 23:36:17
NAME SL_ExamineNextFile -- gets information for the next file after a SL_ExamineFirstFile. SYNOPSIS exfi = SL_ExamineNextFile(exhandle); D0 A0 struct ExFileInfo *SL_ExamineNextFile(EXHANDLE); FUNCTION Fills in a struct ExFileInfo the next file(s) after a SL_ExamineFirstFile call. INPUTS exhandle - as returned by SL_BeginExamine. RESULTS exfi - a pointer to...

SL_FreeWindow updated:2008-03-01 23:36:17
NAME SL_FreeWindow -- closes a window opened by SL_CreateWindow. SYNOPSIS SL_FreeWindow(winhandle); A0 void SL_FreeWindow(WINHANDLE); FUNCTION Closes a window that was opened via SL_CreateWindowA. NOTE The clipping region must be removed prior to closing. see SL_EndWindowDraw. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. SEE ALSO...

SL_GetWindowAttr updated:2008-03-01 23:36:17
NAME SL_GetWindowAttr -- gets an attribute from a window. SYNOPSIS data =SL_GetWindowAttr(winhandle, attr); D0 A0 D0 SLTAGDATA SL_GetWindowAttr(WINHANDLE, SLTAGTYPE); FUNCTION Returns the requested attribute from a window. INPUTS winhandle - the window to get the attribute from. attr - one of the WINATTR_xxxx tags below. TAGS see SL_CreateWindowA for a...

SL_ActivateWindow updated:2008-03-01 23:36:18
NAME SL_ActivateWindow -- sets the input focus to the window. SYNOPSIS SL_ActivateWindow(winhandle); A0 void SL_ActivateWindow(WINHANDLE); FUNCTION Makes the window specified by winhandle the input focus. INPUTS winhandle -as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. SEE ALSO SL_WindowToFront....

SL_RevealWindow updated:2008-03-01 23:36:18
NAME SL_RevealWindow -- brings a window back to the screen after being hidden. SYNOPSIS SL_RevealWindow(winhandle); A0 void SL_RevealWindow(WINHANDLE); FUNCTION Brings a window back onto the display after being hidden by SL_HideWindow. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. SEE ALSO SL_HideWindow....

SL_ClearWindowClip updated:2008-03-01 23:36:18
NAME SL_ClearWindowClip -- empties the user clipping region. SYNOPSIS SL_ClearWindowClip(winhandle); A0 void SL_ClearWindowClip(WINHANDLE); FUNCTION This will remove all drawable areas from the user clipping region for that window. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. SEE ALSO SL_SetWindowClipFull, SL_OrWindowClip, SL_AndWindowClip,...

SL_OrWindowClip updated:2008-03-01 23:36:19
NAME SL_OrWindowClip -- OR's a region into the user's clipping region. SYNOPSIS SL_OrWindowClip(winhandle, x1, y1, x2, y2); A0 D0 D1 D2 D3 void SL_OrWindowClip(WINHANDLE, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD); FUNCTION OR's the region specifed by x1,y1 - x2,y2 into the user's cliping region. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. x1,y1...

SL_DetachWindowMenu updated:2008-03-01 23:36:19
NAME SL_DetachWindowMenu -- detaches the window's menu. SYNOPSIS SL_DetachWindowMenu(winhandle); A0 void SL_DetachWindowMenu(WINHANDLE); FUNCTION Detaches the menu attached to a window either by SL_AttachWindowMenu or from SL_CreateWindow. INPUTS winhandle - as returned by SL_CreateWindowA. SEE ALSO SL_AttachWindowMenu, SL_SetWindowAttr....

SL_EndMenuUpdate updated:2008-03-01 23:36:19
NAME SL_EndMenuUpdate -- ends the updating started by SL_BeginMenuUpdate. SYNOPSIS SL_EndMenuUpdate(apphandle, menuid); A0 D0 void SL_EndMenuUpdate(APPHANDLE, UWORD); FUNCTION This will take the menu out of it's updating state and return it to normal. INPUTS apphandle - as returned by SL_AppInitA. menuid - the resource id of the menu to update. SEE...

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