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Introduction updated:2019-12-19 15:47:37
Pages are added automatically in PageStream as you create objects on them. You can display any page in a window, but it will not be part of the document until it or a page after it has an object on it unless you manually set the number of pages in the document using document setup. You can have up to 9999 pages in a document or chapter. With the use of...

Moving Between Chapters updated:2019-12-19 15:46:32
The Go to Page button opens a dialog box to select the chapter and page to edit. Go to Page button To move to a chapter: Click the Go to Page button. The Go to Page dialog box will appear. Choose a chapter name from the Chapter pop-up menu to move to a page in a chapter, or choose the document name to move to a page at the document level. Enter the page...

Chapters updated:2019-12-19 15:39:15
Books are normally divided into chapters or sections. They often have a table of contents, preface, appendices, epilog and index. While you can create a book as a simple sequence of pages, it is easier to use PageStream's book publishing features.

Text Frame Links updated:2019-12-19 15:27:17
When text frames are linked together, text will flow from the first to the last. If you add text into a frame, text will move from the bottom of it to the top of the next frame. If you delete text from a frame, text from the top of the next frame will move to the bottom of that frame. Linking text frames: 1. Begin text linking. Select the Link button from...

Articles updated:2019-12-19 11:34:08
When you type or import text into a text frame, the text becomes part of an article. Text frames are containers which hold text articles. Articles can flow from page to page because text frames can be linked together. You can place more than one article on a page. For example, a newspaper generally has half a dozen articles on the front page which are...

Command Reference updated:2019-12-19 11:31:27
Command & Query Format: <mandatory> Angles enclose mandatory parameters. [optional] Brackets enclose optional parameters. (group) Parentheses group together parameters. (group)... An ellipsis after a group indicates that you can repeat the group of parameters one or more times. a | b Vertical bars separate alternative parameters from which you...

Revision Log Entry updated:2019-12-19 10:37:55
You may want to keep a log of changes made to a document so that you can determine later what changes were made. The revision log can be read at any time by choosing Reports from the Layout menu. Revision log entries can be listed, edited or deleted by choosing Revision History from the Layout menu. To save a revision log with your documents: Choose...

Step 9: Setting text attributes updated:2019-12-19 09:56:02
The text you typed is 12 point Luxi Sans Normal. (Triumvirate on AmigaOS computers; Arial on Windows computers). These are PageStream's default fonts for each system. In this exercise, you will change the text to 11pt Times. 1. Select the text. Drag the text cursor over the text, from the left to the right. The text will be selected when it is highlighted....

About Picture Effects... updated:2019-12-19 09:17:06
Picture effects are effects that can be used on, or with, selected Pictures objects inside PageStream or pictures loaded in BME. Brightness: This effect brightens and darkens pixels. You can set the brightness adjustment from -100 to 100%. This effect cannot be used on black & white or palette pictures. Contrast: This effect increases and decreases the...

IFF DOC File Format updated:2013-02-14 12:45:32
This is the documentation for PageStream's main file formats. Included is IFF CTXT, the basic text format; IFF ILUS, the object format (which can have IFF CTXT embedded); and IFF DOC, the document format (which can have IFF CTXT and IFF ILUS embedded). IFFDOC.txt

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