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DMCA Copyright Claims updated:2021-06-01 12:28:22
Our websites are a collection of years of knowledge and hard work. Where appropriate, we invite others to share their views, and photos, as well. However, not all users are aware of copyright laws. While the majority of the photos on this site are ours, not all are. If your copyright-protected work was posted here without authorization, you can submit a...

Projects updated:2021-01-07 16:30:54
[title]Projects[/title] Here is a sampling of the software projects I have been either the lead, or sole, software engineer for. Having just created this page, I am trying to get them listed with a brief write up (with screenshots when possible). If you are curious and want more information on a project, just drop me a line. My email address,...

Projects - Speech-To-Text Closed Caption Generation updated:2021-01-07 16:30:24
[title]Speech-To-Text Closed Caption Generation[/title]

Web & Email Forums updated:2020-05-28 08:15:35
[title]Web & Email Forums[/title]

References updated:2020-05-28 08:11:58
[title]References[/title] Patrick Kennedy Director Business Strategy - Global Technical Learning at Microsoft Corporation Deron is one of those rare individuals that excels at both strategy and implementation. I have experienced only a handful of people in my 35+ year technology career as uniquely talented. Deron possesses vision as well as the ability to...

Work History updated:2020-05-28 07:51:03
Independent Software Developer April 1999 – Present Grasshopper LLC Develop software products and services on a contract basis. Geographical Database Editor Develop and maintain entire digital workflow for TV stations in Miami, FL; Stuart, FL; Naples, FL; and Boston, MA. Format agnostic HD-SDI transmitter video player contributed to open-source...

Front Page updated:2020-05-28 07:47:01
[title]Welcome![/title] This site is dedicated to showcasing my development capabilities. While many are familiar with the phenomenal commercial desktop publishing program PageStream, few know about the other commercial and custom work I've done. In-house and contract development create Internet solutions using HTML5/CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java and...

Projects - Geographic Boundary Editor updated:2020-05-20 09:23:55
[title]Geographic Boundary Editor[/title] This was just an in-house tool that I needed to help create geographic boundaries for a location service I wrote. There are a number of public domain and open source map repositories but they are often in different formats and/or contain information unnecessary for this project. The backend is powered by PHP and...

Projects - DoReMe Controller updated:2020-03-10 15:11:39
[title]DoReMe Controller for iOS[/title] [img="/Images/Resume/DoReMe/DoReMe-thumbnail.png" align=left]This was just a fun (well, my kind of fun) little app needed by a Chicago based newsroom. They had an old DoReMe digital video recorder/playback machine that used expensive, whole system, proprietary remote equipment to initial playback in live...

Projects - Razercut updated:2020-03-04 15:33:45
[title]Razercut for iOS and Android[/title] [video="/Images/Resume/Razercut/spot RAZERCUT BIRDS V8.mp4" align=right] [video="/Images/Resume/Razercut/spot RAZERCUT FOUNTAIN V8.mp4" align=right] Apple App Store preview

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