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#133NormalAverageNewFile OperationsSome EPS files don't load/display properly
Keywords:eps,import graphic
I have a couple of EPS (Adobe Illustrator) files that PgS loads, but at huge sizes (in the thousands of inches) and without displaying them properly. I have tried several variations and the exact results have varied, but not have displayed properly. Thumbnails display properly in Konqueror and the files load and display properly in Inkscape. All of the...
#132NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceRight click on two screen hardware shows context menu on wrong screen
Keywords:context menu
I use PageStream on a two screens computer. I am usually placing documentations to the left screen (the former screen), and applications on the right screen. Unfortunately, when I am doing a right click on a PageStream page, the context menu is shown on the former screen (the left screen), and should be on the second screen. See the screenshot for more...
#131NormalAverageNewInstallationLaunching two copies of Pagestream on windowsXP fails
When I launch PageStream a second time (while having a first occurrence of pagestream launched) I have a crash error from Windows XP.
#128NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsMisalignment of unrotated border corners
Keywords:border creation,custom border
If a path for use in a border does not fill the defined space it is aligned to the lower right corner. This causes a misalignment for corners other than the upper left if the path does not fill the defined space and the DONTFLIP option is used.
#127NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutText wrap in text frame is broken
Keywords:text wrap
There are at least two manifestations of the text wrap problem. 1. If a line of text is long enough to wrap in a text frame then no text below the wrap point is displayed. 2. In multi-column text frames text is only displayed in the first column. This behavior is reset when flowing text into a new text...
#119NormalAverageNewPrintingPrinting to a bitmap crashes
i'm attempting to print as bitmap any 4-pages winPgs document with text frame, images and masterpages (with elements: other text frame and images). setted the printing setup dialog box <Bitmap> with size: A4 letter, 21 x 29.7 cm, portrait color: palette (8 color) gray: 256 levels DPI: 300 dither: floyd-steinberg color: default i'm printing (as bitmap)...
#118NormalAverageNewScriptingCommand key for Script
Keywords:edit script,script palette
If I ask for a script to affect with the function key, the key ALT or Control-Alt that does not function. I can however use the keys Shift, Control, control-shift and control-alt-shift. I hope that my message is comprehensible, I am French and does not speak English, I use a machine translation by Internet. I excuse myself for the possible difficulties due...
#117EnhancementAverageNewText EditingIndex Mark identification
Keywords:index mark
Some way is needed to identify what an individual Index Mark is. With non-printing characters on, it is usually possible to "see" one is there, but not to identify it. It is not possible, so as I can tell, to "delete" the mark by text delete--it just moves--probably a good idea in some respects. Presently, I have to enter column breaks...
#116EnhancementAverageNewText EditingIndex mark entry gadget option/replacement
Keywords:insert index mark,define index mark
Request option or replacement of present Insert Index Mark selector with one similar to the Font selector "Choose" option, or one identical to the selector used in Define Index Marks. With only several hundred Index Marks defined, the present requester takes close to 30 seconds waiting to get to the other end of the list, which seems to randomly...
#73EnhancementAverageNewDocument/LayoutPDF export should support bookmarks
Keywords:PDF export,bookmark
The bookmarks that are inserted into a PageStream document should be exported to PDF when using Save as PDF.

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