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#295NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceCrash with poor SETWINDOWDEFAULTS placement and dimensions
Keywords:crash setwindowdefaults
Computer where I had problems is Widows XP Service Pack 3. Display resolution 1280 x 1024 did a new install of PageStream5.04.46 on a different computer. (Widows XP Service Pack 3; display resolution 1440 x 900). PageStream functioned as I thought it should. The Pagestream5.ini. created on this install had no SETWINDOWDEFAULTS command line and was...
#291CriticalAverageNewPrintingPrinting to postscript printer times out
I have a simple document with one image. It prints correctly and quickly to an HP LJ4p (bitmap) printer. I just added an HP LJ4mv (postscript) printer to my system. I can print to it from any other program without error. When printing from PGS, both and, the print queue builds to 98.1mb, of which 97.0mb is transmitted. It continues to sit...
#16NormalAverageNewText EditingIncorrect text flow with drop caps
Keywords:paragraph format,drop caps,text wrap
I have only seen this with drop caps, not sure how generalizable outside of this limited situation it is. 1. Create new document 2. Create text frame 3. Insert some text 4. Set the paragraph format to 5-line drop cap (AnnStone) 5. Place graphic 6. Set graphic text wrap to option 5 If the top of the picture is below the second line of text in the paragraph...
#293EnhancementAverageNewDocument/LayoutExternal Text Marks
Keywords:external text mark
The ability to reference pages in another document would be a useful enhancement of the text mark functionality for multivolume works. This would mean adding a button "Load Document" to the Insert Text Mark Page Number/Insert Text Mark Name dialogs. Having such update only when the document is opened, printed or saved as PDF would be sufficient,...
#288NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceCan't Cancel Printing
Keywords:cancel print
When printing the progress dialog shows a "stop" button, but it cannot be clicked -- presumably because PgS is busy, not accepting input (the pinwheel).
#287NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutText Wrap causes text indent
Keywords:text wrap indent
I have a page with a two column text frame. At the top of the right column is a graphic with Text Wrap #5 (wrap around the object). Though the object is not as wide as the text column due to the specified text offset there isn't enough space on either side for the text to appear beside the object in that column. All well and good. What is strange is that...
#285NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceStyle palette keeps focus
Keywords:style palette focus
When selecting a style in the style palette the document window loses focus so typing is captured by the style palette. This worked as expected (that is, selecting a style allowed one to keep typing without having to reselect the document window) in previous versions.
#284NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfacePrefs "use" saves prefs
Keywords:prefs use
The "use" button in prefs saves the preferences. 1. Open PgS 2. Open Prefs 3. Toggle the View/Pictures option 4. Click "Use" 5. Close PgS 6. Open PgS 7. Open Prefs 8. Observe the View/Pictures option is still changed
#283NormalAverageNewDocument/Layoutmergepaths and createcompound
Keywords:export PDF
The traces of objects that are grouped with the CREATECOMPOUND is not correct in rows are added. These lines appear to link the origin of the different strokes. _ I corrected this problem easy to replace in my scripts CREATECOMPOUND by MERGEPATHS _ Drawing objects associated with grouped CREATECOMPOUND: Export to PDF: Correct if the group did...
#272EnhancementAverageNewDocument/LayoutWould be great to have vertical adjustment for text
Keywords:Vertical Adjustment for text
And that vertical adjustment could make possible column balance.

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