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#92NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceClicking close gadget always closes active document
Keywords:close document
Clicking the close gadget always closes the active document window, whether or not that was the window whose close gadget was clicked.
#91NormalAverageNewPrintingPrinter's marks incorrectly placed
Keywords:printer's marks,postscript,print
The printers marks are incorrectly placed when printing. 1. Create new document 2. Set the master page to 'Compact Disk' 3. Print with printer's marks enabled The color swatches overprint alignment marker on the right side and are exactly next to the page without any gap.
#88EnhancementAverageNewText EditingSupplemental spelling dictionary
Keywords:spell check,lookup word
Currently there is no method for having specialty/jargon spelling dictionary. For example, specific to a field. These would need to be selectable for activation with the language.
#85CriticalAverageNewPrintingCUPS Network Printing Fails
Keywords:cups,print,postscript beta crashes when attempting to print to a Linux Server running CUPS. All other applications on the computer print fine with the exception of Pagestream. This failure happens on both the standard and pro versions of the software.
#83NormalAverageNewScriptingSetting text color requires command capture
For some strange reason the SetColorStyle command only works if bracketed by the Begin/End CommandCapture commands. This can readily be shown in macros. The first macro does not work, the second does: SetRed_nonworking SETCOLORSTYLE Red COLORNUMBER 0 FILL TEXT SetRed_working BEGINCOMMANDCAPTURE SETCOLORSTYLE Red COLORNUMBER 0 FILL TEXT ENDCOMMANDCAPTURE...
#82EnhancementAverageNewPrintingToo many clicks to change printer adjustment
Keywords:print setup
In PageStream you need 10 clicks to change f.e. the paper tray of your printer - other windows programs need 6 clicks. 1) The special PageStream options should all be on the first printer adjustment page and not on three different pages. 2) Double entries should be avoided. F.e. 'colour' or 'landscape' or 'choose printer' should not be on the PageStream...
#31NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsUnion (and, exclusive, subtract) does not close paths
Keywords:path math,path editing,union,and,exclusive,subtract
For example, draw a rectangle, duplicate it (not in place, but overlapping), select both and do make them union. The upper left corner is visibly 'clipped'. This is caused by the conversion to path and the upper left corner happens to be the placement of the first and last points. This becomes most visible if the line has a thick stroke. Moreover, neither...
#80NormalAverageNewPrintingPage objects placed incorrectly when printing custom sizes
Keywords:postscript,print,paper size
There is a problem with the placement of objects when printing with odd page sizes. Specifically, when printing a page that is half US letter (8.5" tall by 5.5" wide) to the same paper size the center of the page is pushed to the left edge of the paper. This happens at the postscript level meaning that if printed to file and then converted to PDF...
#76NormalAverageNewText EditingStyles always displayed as over-ridden
Keywords:style palette,character style,paragraph style
This was actually (not yet available as OS version). Open document, put text cursor in some styled text, observe that the style in the style palette has a '+' after the name indicating that it is over-ridden. By what is not clear as it looks okay. I created a new text frame, inserted text cursor, selected a style and it showed as being over-ridden!...
#72NormalAverageNewText EditingWidow/Orphan control has no effect
Keywords:paragraph format,keep,widow orphan
The widow/orphan control in Paragraph format has no effect. No matter what settings I use, save/close/open, etc., to get a refresh, it never has any effect. ------- Additional Comment #2 From Tim Doty 2006-02-01 06:58 ------- Still does not work

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