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#156NormalAverageNewScriptingBusy Req doesn't display message text from script
The busy requester (used from script) doesn't display message text. ------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2007-05-29 05:08 ------- More precisely the issue seems to be that when calling SetBusyRequester() with a new message the old message is removed without being replaced by the new...
#153NormalAverageNewPrintingBad error codes when printing on AmigaOS 3.x (and probably 4.x too)
David Rey To begin with, albeit I do have a copy of PGS, I never found the time to put it in good use and I'm not up to date on what's the current version for AmigaOS3/m68k (the website is helpless here, too), so I'm picking as the original "bug report" mentions "PGS 4". The original mail revealing this bug comes from the...
#152NormalAverageNewScriptingTwo tone border dashes always flip
Keywords:border creation,custom border
DASH2 elements ignore the DONTFLIP directive ------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2007-05-13 02:01 ------- verified same problem with Windows version
#150NormalAverageNewFile OperationsPS/PDF Import
Keywords:PDF Import,open document
printing a page in PgS to a postscript file and converting that file to PDF using ghostscript produces an accurate reproduction of the page as displayed in KPDF. However, importing either the ps or pdf file into PgS as a graphic fails to produce a printable object. In both cases the file is imported as a full page graphic ignoring the orientation...
#146NormalAverageNewPrintingRestoreFONT command prevents printing/conversion to PDF
The example file was provided by Trond Einar Garmo, though it has been edited to eliminate duplicate font embedding. In the file each instance of RestoreFONT has been commented out and the result tested to be interpretable by ghostscript. Prior to commenting out the RestoreFONT commands the following resulted: tim@rblus:~/Documents/PageStream> gs s28.ps...
#141MajorAverageNewScriptingCrash creating document and inserting text via script
Trying to run a script that creates a document and inserts text crashes PgS Windows, though the same script will run without issue on PgS Linux. Running each line separately works. In fact, the only command that is not safe to execute with the others is Insert(), however, it can be used separately. For example, use the following # first set DocID =...
#137NormalAverageNewPrintingBullets set in different font don't print
Keywords:paragraph format,bullet
Just noticed that a paragraph formatted with outdented bullets aren't printing. Specifically: 1. business card 2. frameless text set with outdent bullet using a different font (ding) 3. imposition print (2x5 for ten cards per sheet) the cards print fine except that the bullets aren't there ------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2007-02-25 20:36...
#136NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceToolbox bar can't be moved because of close gadget
Check the attached picture. The toolbox can't be moved because there's no space for the window title bar. The close gadget can be removed here.
#135NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceNon-standard characters break the line in bubble helps
In file PageStream5_fr.rsc there is the string : STRING A#20 HINT :Ouvre la bo?te de dialogue nouveau document. The text is broken by the ? character so only "Ouvre la bo" is displayed.
#134CriticalAverageNewFile OperationsCrash importing ilus file with layers
Keywords:ilus,import graphic
Created a multi-layer drawing in PgS, exported as an ilus drawing and reimported. The layer palette was open and I saw what appeared to be an infinite recursion of layer loading before PgS crashed.

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