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#184MajorAverageNewDocument/LayoutPageStream crashes after the use of approximately 60 MB
Keywords:crash memory use
I have a repeating crash after the use of the same memory, relative. After the start of PGS the task manager displays that 395 MB (MegaByte)is used. When the document is loaded the task manager shows: 405 MB. The crash (and Windows XP SP2 wants to call home...) the task manager shows: 449 MB. This happens each time (and there is nothing wrong with that...
#179NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsTransform with a rotation/twist/slant produces unexpected results
Keywords:transform, pasteboard, rotation, twist, slant
When using "Transform" with a Rotation, Twist or Slant - If the object is transformed from the page and onto the "Pasteboard" (ie leaves the page), the transform operation does not produce expected results. The objects transform as expected until the first object is fully on the pasteboard, then they scatter to the farthest reaches of...
#175NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutText wrap method 4 not honored for frameless text around shape
Keywords:Text Wrap, Frameless Text, Shape
Method 4 of text wrap (no text on left or right) is not honored for frameless text if set to "shape" though it does for "bounding box" If that is expected behavior then methods 2 and 3 (no text left; no text right) are incorrect.
#173CriticalAverageNewDocument/LayoutUngrouping objects
Keywords:Ungrouping objects Windows XP
Ungrouping objects (text, drawings, and/or images) on the pasteboard will result in an un-recoverable crash.
#148NormalAverageNewScriptingIncorrect postscript generated with Alphabetum font
Alphabetum is a commercial font including many characters for ancient languages. PageStream displays this tolerably well on screen, but has trouble printing it. Apparently random letters get printed as a box with an X in it, presumably Alphabetum's .notdef character. In the original text I did letters such as 'I', 'a', 'N' and 'i' were not printed...
#24NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsUnable to select external drawing
Keywords:object selection,external drawing
An external IFF ILUS drawing becomes non-selectable (e.g., by clicking on it) once the document is saved, PgS closed, restarted and the document opened. Leaving the drawing internal resolves the selection problem. Note 1: the drawing can still be selected by doing a Ctrl-A and un-selecting everything else. However, this becomes a problem if there are two...
#162NormalAverageNewText EditingStyles don't inherit some paragraph formats when set to As-Is
Keywords:Styles, Inheritance, Paragraph
This problem does not seem to exist in PgS Windows. In PgS Linux, however, there are problems with some paragraph formatting attributes. 1. First line indent If a child style leaves "first line indent" value as blank so as to be as-is it becomes set to zero. 2. Spacing Before/After If these are set to As-Is then PgS forces them None In both these...
#159EnhancementAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceBookmark window
Currently the Bookmarks are handled through a modal window. I think this is a good candidate for handling like a palette. In such a case it could be left open and used to quickly navigate between different portions of a document without having to popup the window each time. Not that big of a deal, but with all the other palettes already......
#158CriticalLowNewText EditingAttempting to insert bookmark without text selection causes PgS to crash
Steps to reproduce: 1. Open a new document 2. Without text insertion selected... 3. goto menu Window/Bookmarks... 4. click "Insert..." **boom** Okay, I understand that it needs a place to insert the bookmark BUT 1. It hasn't actually gotten to insertion yet 2. It still shouldn't crash, instead warning that it needs a text insertion point...
#157NormalAverageNewScriptingBusy Req can't be aborted when opened in script
Documentation says SetBusyRequester() returns 1 if aborted. However, it *always* returns 0. This is true on both Windows and Linux,

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