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#233NormalAverageNewPrintingunable to cancel print operation
Keywords:print cancel
Clicking the "stop" button in the print progress requester has no effect. Actual version is OS X
#77CriticalAverageNewPrintingPrinting crashes PgS
1. Start PgS 2. Create new document 3. Place Graphic (I selected a png I have used before) 4. print uh oh it crashes
#218NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceGetCoord() only succeeds once
The function GetCoord() only succeeds once per execution of PageStream. That is Code: >>> print GetCoord('coord', 'message', 'Click somewhere') {'.error': 1, 'coord': {'y': 1.75, 'x': 2.0}, '.result': 0} >>> print GetCoord('coord', 'message', 'Click somewhere') {'.errno': 1006, '.error': 0, '.result': 0, '.errstr': 'No Tag'} With the...
#213NormalAverageReopenedDisplay/User InterfaceOS conflict with F10 key as defined in the "Redraw Window" script
By default the "Redraw Window" script defines F10 to activate it. The problem with this is that the F10 key is used to activate the menu bar in the active program under Windows, so another default key needs to be used. I've just used F11 which doesn't conflict with anything according to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/301583. MS don't appear to...
#210EnhancementAverageNewInstallationPgS does not find system fonts under Vista by default
After installing PgS under Vista, there are no fonts visible in the fonts pop-up. The system fonts path at C:\Windows\Fonts needs to be added in via the Font Preferences window. Perhaps this path needs to be included by default as it is a standard OS location. The same could apply for the OS X and Amiga/MorphOS versions. Could I suggest any system fonts be...
#208MinorAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceWindow goes behind when selecting custom colors
Keywords:Custom Fills
When filling objects, selecting a custom color and selecting OK, the 'LINE & FILL' window is sent behind page requiring selecting page to recall it in order to apply change.
#42MajorLowNewScriptingImproper scripts can cause crash
PgS may segfault if an incorrect script parameter is passed. For example, if InsertCellRow() is passed a dict for objectid instead of an int. E.g., cc_TableID = DrawTable(.75,.75,8.25,10.25) InsertCellRow("After","ObjectID",cc_TableID,"CellIndex",1,1) The script is in error because the second line should be:...
#202NormalAverageNewPrintingduplex printing legal paper size in gives incorrect page margin
Keywords:duplex printing page margin
Create a two-page duplex document, set landscape and print. The first page prints fine, but the second page (back side of the first sheet) prints 3.5" to the right of where it should. (Note: printer page size for the tray was properly selected in printer setup.) Altering the page to letter fixed the issue so this is a problem for landscaped...
#195BlockerVery HighNewScriptingarexx not working
hi. when i try to start on of my arexx scripts with the last pgs beta version on my amigaone the computer completely stalls. i don't know which command explicitely locks it but i can test it further. byebye...
#186NormalAverageNewPrintingInvalid font embedding causes postscript error
Keywords:printing, postscript, font embedding
Attempting to print a simple document with Microsoft's "core webfont" Cambria fails. Printing to a postscript file and running through ghostscript gives the following: ESP Ghostscript 815.04 (2007-03-14) Copyright (C) 2004 artofcode LLC, Benicia, CA. All rights reserved. This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details....

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