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#4NormalAverageNewFile OperationsDo not duplicate identical styles/scripts/colors when loading
Currently whenever a style would be added to the document (e.g., append styles, append document) the only check is for duplicate names, in the case of which a counter (e.g., .1) is added to the name to preserve uniqueness. Sometimes these are completely identical in which case it would make sense to not bother with creating a duplicate at all. The benefit I...
#3NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceNavigator window expand w/o limit to accomodate tip text
Keywords:navigator,widget/gadget/control display
Sorry if I missed this, but I didn't see it in bugzilla. This is most easily demonstrated with the tips in the navigator window. Just cycle through the tips and watch the window expand. Or, try the following: 1. Edit/Define/Text Styles 2. Start selecting different styles to see what they are 3. Watch the window expand horizontally 4. Notice that the user...
#2EnhancementAverageAssignedDisplay/User InterfaceObject identification/selection
Keywords:object selection,layer palette,edit palette,object information
Gunther Lemm 2004-01-08 20:19 As it's sometimes hard to select objects, it would be a nice thing to have them listed on the layer palette. Naming objects would be a cool thing too, but I think it's more important to be able to click on listed objects in the layer palette to select them in the document window. Oh and just another related thing: Wouldn't it...
#1EnhancementAverageAssignedDisplay/User Interfacebehaviour templates/key & mouse bindings
Keywords:keyboard shortcuts,hotkeys
Gunther Lemm Users of different OSes are used to different behaviours of keys/mousebuttons/mousewheel (for example mid mouse button = paste on linux systems). What about solving this problem by creating templates for key bindings and all the other stuff? PS would be shipped with a set of OS-specific templates and users could choose/edit them. In consequence...

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