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#18NormalAverageNewText EditingInvalid postscript with signature printing
I set up a booklet using US Letter Half for the page size, which I have done in the past. Attempting to print the document directly to the printer results in no output. Printing to a file and attempting to convert that to PDF using ghost script produces errors. I have tried "normal" printing and signature printing. In previous versions of PgS it...
#15MajorAverageNewPrintingMasked Graphics don't print properly
Keywords:masked graphics,printing
There are various problems with masked graphics making them unusable. Improperly Sized 1. Import graphic (internal) 2. Generate mask 3. Resize 4. Set graphic as external 4. When printed will be shrunk Note that steps 2 & 3 are interchangeable. The purpose of importing as internal and later setting as external is to avoid having the mask generated...
#14BlockerAverageNewFile OperationsPgS hangs when importing PDF document
Keywords:pdf import,open document
The PDF at http://www.exetel.com.au/pdf/Residential-Voice-App-Form.pdf will hang PgS when it is loaded. Note, this is using 68K Amiga PgS V4.1.5.6, the latest 68K AFAIK, which isn't listed in the Version selection here(!). This PDF is encrypted, and I suspect this to be the problem. Whatever the cause, it would be far more elegant to reject loading the file...
#12TrivialAverageNewText Editingdisplay of text rules
Keywords:text rules
1. Setup a short text paragraph using rules (menu type/paragraph rules). 2. Setup large magnification. 3. Scroll page right with bottom scrollbar. When text is not visible (all over left border of window) ruler is not showed too. KDE 3.2.2 ------- Additional Comment #1 From O. Bertold OCD 2004-08-17 23:32 ------- Hmm... There is a moment, when text is left...
#11NormalAverageNewText EditingText misflowed around object
Keywords:text flow,text wrap
In some cases text is not flowed correctly around an object. I have a picture which shows the misalignment. Specifically, the sans serif word "Region" is not left aligned even though it is a standalone paragraph (header, actually). The immediately preceeding paragraph looks like it is cut off, but it is not (in the middle of editing). The object...
#10NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceDocument palette loses sync with active document
Keywords:document palette
I'm not sure of a minimal set here, but it goes something like this: 1. Open PgS 2. Open Document Palette 3. Open Doc1 ---Document Palette shows Doc1 4. Open Doc2 ---Document Palette shows Doc2 5. Open Doc3 ---Document Palette shows Doc3 6. Switch to Doc1 via the Window/Show Window menu ---Document Palette shows Doc3 7. Switch to Doc2 via the Window/Show...
#8TrivialAverageNewFile OperationsPath preferences sets parent of chosen directory
Keywords:preferences,file preferences
When setting the paths for different things (documents, text) in preferences the requester apparently returns the parent of the selected directory. For example, setting Graphics path I click on the requester icon and browse to /pictures/PageStream and click ok and the path is set for /pictures. If I browse again and enter /pictures/PageStream/SomeSubdir and...
#7MinorAverageNewText EditingFilled tabs too long
Keywords:tabs,filled tabs
Apparently how PgS computes the number of characters to put into a filled tab can result in one-too-many such that a tab filled with underscores will under some circumstances underscore part of the last character preceding the tab. The problem is present on screen and when printed (via postscript). For reference this occurs with documents that did not have...
#6EnhancementAverageAssignedText Editingparagraph format, keep with following
Keywords:paragraph format,keep with following
It would be nice to have a paragraph format checkbox for "Keep with following" that would cause a paragraph so formatted to start in the text column where the following paragraph starts (possibly excepting it would not cross more than one text column -- that to prevent hopping across numerous text columns which lacked sufficient space to display...
#5NormalAverageAssignedText EditingParagraph rules displayed outside of text box
Keywords:paragraph rules
A paragraph rule displayed before a paragraph at the top of a text frame will be drawn above the text frame instead of wrapping with text to the previous column/page.

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