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#35NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsInexact rotation of paths
Keywords:rotate,path,edit palette
This was just proven in v4, but I've been having the same problems in v5.0.1.35. I'm working with a fairly complicated path for use in a border. When I rotate it the edge points (and presumably other points inside, but as they don't have to exactly match something else any shift is not as apparent) are shifted "randomly". I don't seem to have any...
#34NormalAverageNewText EditingSizes of objects on the pasteboard
Keywords:pasteboard,edit palette
Long standing bug in which an object whose upper left corner is not on the page has erroneous height and width which results in bogus coordinates and sizes for operations (other than dragging them to the page) on them. For example, open a PDF that has an incorrect page size (too large). Reduce the size of the master page. Go to a page, select all and group...
#33MinorAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceIncorrect x,y coordinates for rotated paths
Keywords:edit palette,rotate
I noticed that on the (complicated) path I'm working on it has strange x,y coordinates. For example, rotated at -90 degrees, x,y which should be 1,.75 is reported as 1.8521,-.1021. It seems to be consistent: the reported x is x+.8521 while the reported y is y-.8521. I'm not sure where the .8521 is coming from: the path's dimensions are 2.2898 wide and 3.994...
#32NormalAverageNewPrintingPath merge 'exclusive' does not print
Keywords:print,path math,exclusive
Draw a rectangle, duplicate (not in place, but overlapping), select both rectangles and combine them with exclusive. On screen where they cross is XOR'd out. However, when printed the boxes are OR'd ------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2005-12-29 03:57 ------- Re-tested in PgS Same procedure. On screen the only visible change is that...
#30EnhancementAverageNewDrawing ToolsTwo paths cannot be joined
Keywords:join path
According to the online documentation two paths can be joined if they are merged. This does not work and attempts to do so (aborted when the join aspect failed) led to segmentation fault. ------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2005-12-28 04:40 ------- Although this does not result in a segfault it still does not work. That is, draw two paths, select...
#29MinorAverageNewDrawing ToolsBorder sides with two dashes and no middle overwrite corners
Keywords:border creation,custom border
I discovered this setting up a simple border with one dash (flip) and one corner (flip). When adding the dash with keyword "all" the resultant border overwrote the corners with dashes. When adding exactly the dashes needed (0 to 3) there was no problem.
#28CriticalAverageNewDocument/LayoutMemory leak when undo table operation
Sometimes PgS goes into a runaway situation with memory allocation. I have seen this twice now with undo operations in a table. The first was somewhat more involved, but definitely occured after undoing a text operation. The second was much simpler: 1. Create new document 2. Draw table 3. Add four columns (total of eight) 4. Add a row (total of five) 5....
#25NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceOverlapping stroke is XOR'd
Keywords:line width,display
This is also true for Windows Pro Draw a path with the freehand tool. Edit it such that one curve is not smooth. The overlap of the coming/going lines is XOR'd. The shape I drew as a test in Windows is a horn. E.g., starts at 0,0 with a second point at 1,1 and bellied curve. A third point is drawn at 0.5,0 and the path closed. The 1,1 point is...
#22NormalAverageNewText EditingCan't specify question mark or astrex in Find requester
Keywords:find text
The question mark (\0063) is used as a wildcard for a single character in the Find requester. The problem is that it cannot be escaped, e.g., \?, to find that character itself. Even specifying it by unicode, e.g., \0063, is treated as a wildcard. ------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2004-11-22 22:53 ------- The asterisk (wildcard for any number of...
#21NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutDocument settings not honored
Keywords:document setup,chapter setup,page addition,page numbering
1. Layout/Document Setup. Check settings, e.g., page addition, numbering style. 2. Create a new chapter and select it. (I use the Document palette, I'm not sure if there is another way of doing it.) 3. Layout/Chapter Setup. Check settings, e.g., page addition, numbering style I have noticed that PgS defaults to page addition "automatic" whereas I...

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