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#69NormalAverageNewPrintingProblems with printing signatures
Layout: each page is numbered with a large number in the center of the page. Each page has a half-inch border drawn with the border tool. Page 2 has a graphic which extends off the right hand side of the page by about half the graphic width. Control/Reference Setup Page size: US Letter Facing Pages: on Print: non-signature Page Spread: due to facing pages...
#66NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsPath subtract gives strange results for some shapes
Keywords:path math,path subtract
1. Start PgS 2. Create new document 3. Select text tool and type a letter with a hollow, such as A 4. Change to pointer tool 5. Convert to path 6. Split path 7. Path subtract 8. Oops! The linked graphic is an example of what I'm talking about. I just checked with the simple case of two overlapping boxes and it gave the expected result....
#65NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceText shown in wrong location
Keywords:text display
Text is not always shown correctly. The lower the magnification the worse the problem when present. The referenced graphic is a snapshot of the PgS window. In it you can clearly see lines of text overlapping: no text should be overlapping in this case and magnifying the view gradually shifts the text into position. Note that printing (when it was still...
#63NormalAverageNewText EditingTextFX text editing oddities
Keywords:textfx,text selection
1. Create frameless text 2. Convert to TextFX 3. Size as desired, etc. 4. Use text tool to select the text Note: what is visually selected is an invisible frameless text object the same size as the original text located in the upper left corner of the page. 5. Change font Note: the TextFX object continues to display the same, the once-invisible frameless...
#62NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceEdit color dialog corruption
Keywords:edit color
The edit color dialog (line & fill requester, custom color) visually corrupts during use. For example, switch color model to HSV, then to RGB, tweak a value, then to HSV. The labels disappear, some or all of the arrow gadgets disappear, the color swatch disappears, the sliders disappear. Switch to another desktop then back and the display comes back....
#61EnhancementAverageNewDrawing ToolsRotating text outline not shown
Keywords:rotate,rotate tool
According to the documentation the outline of rotated text should be shown if you click and hold until the crosshairs appear. If you do this the pointer does change, but the text outline is still not shown. ------- Additional Comment #1 From Deron Kazmaier 2005-08-16 04:46 ------- It does do what it is supposed to do, but I understand the confusion between...
#60NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsRotate text frames text displays incorrectly
Keywords:rotate,text frame,text
When rotating text frames at certain angles the letters are rotated a different amount than the frame (although their position is accurate). In some situations (not sure of the bounding conditions, but try with just mirror left/right) the text is shifted down about a line's worth. ------- Additional Comment #1 From Deron Kazmaier 2005-08-16 05:28 ------- I...
#59NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsRotation point problems
Keywords:edit palette,rotate tool,rotate about point
1. Editing the numbers doesn't work. They revert immediately upon application (e.g., pressing the edit palette apply button) 2. When dragging with the ctrl-key to (sorry, I forget the right term here) when releasing the mouse button the outline snaps from where it had been translated to a different shape & rotation. It looks like it flips 180 degrees?...
#58EnhancementAverageNewFile OperationsPrecise bounding box for exported drawings
Keywords:export graphic,bitmap generation
When exporting as a bitmap it would be preferable to determine the bounding box to the precise pixel edges. The added cost of doing so shouldn't be extreme: if nothing else a scan through the generated bitmap to find the first occurring pixel from each edge and cropping to that should work. As exporting isn't an every display cycle kind of operation the...
#56CriticalAverageNewDrawing ToolsLockup, document corruption editing vector graphic
Keywords:path edit,path reshape,reshape tool
Using PgS to draw playing cards for a computer game I'm working on I ran into a problem. I drew the spade symbol and all seems well and good, but I wanted to use that as the basis for the club. The end result was several lockups (just PageStream taking 100% cpu) and the document corrupted (trying to open it results in nothing: no errors, no hang, nada). To...

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