Bug #95 - Object style corruption
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2006-02-04 18:40:00
Category:Drawing ToolsUpdated:2006-02-04 18:40:00
Summary:Object style corruption
Keywords:object style
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I noticed some excess object style entries, figured it was typical PgS style proliferation that had happened some time and I removed them. Specifically, the object style was defined at the root level of the document but was duplicated in the chapter I was working on. I removed the excess definitions at the chapter level.

I drew an object (single column text frame), set the text offset (1/16" each side), set the style (defines a stroked border and a fill) and started typing.

When I moved the object to the following page it went completely black. I checked the object styling and instead of being set to the style (which is in the list) it was set to STYLETAG which was a dynamic entry at the top of the list. Setting it to the correct style has no effect. I can set it to a different style which then takes effect, but I can't set it to the desired style.

I opened the define object styles requester and the styles had reproliferated.

Looking at the object line & fill I see that it is set to a (marked as imported color) black at 100%. In fact, all of the colors have been so duplicated.

I check the define colors and the excess colors are defined in the chapter. I removed all but black and white which are marked as non-removable.

Going through, redefining the fill color of the style and reapplying the style it displays. Go back, fix the color and it displays correctly as well.

Sorry I'm not clearer as to what caused the style proliferation and corruption.

------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2006-02-04 20:05 -------

The problem was absent for a while (I moved the object around experimentally), but after going to some other editing and moving it again the fill again went to 100% black. I was able to get the style working again by:

1. Deleting all colors from the chapter
2. Deleting all styles from the chapter
3. Reasserting the style

I checked other chapters and noticed that the objects with this style are still displaying correctly (for now) but are marked as not having any style so the style corruption may have damaged the entire document.

I'm not sure if it has been the case every time, but the style tag proliferation may be triggered by editing text in the text frame having the object style.

------- Additional Comment #2 From Tim Doty 2006-02-05 00:27 -------

Editing the text is not necessary. This object and chapter appear to be cursed: styles (always the same ones) are constantly being reinvented for the chapter and the object style is always being unset. I can fix it each time by removing the excess styles and reassigning the object style, but this happens just opening the document and navigating to the chapter by double clicking on its entry in the document palette. The styles aren't duplicated before, but they are afterward.

Part of the corruption appears to be the unremovable black and white colors that were inserted by PgS at some point into the chapter

I thought I had the document reduced to a small core that showed the problem but I was wrong. Drat!

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Bug #95 - Object style corruption by Tim Doty   object style
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