Bug #77 - Printing crashes PgS
Product:PageStream (Linux)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:CriticalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2005-09-01 23:04:00
Category:PrintingUpdated:2005-09-01 23:04:00
Summary:Printing crashes PgS
Attached Files:PgS5.0.2.9CrashOnPrint.pngLen:3,059 bytesMD5:37df605d0592e450b7710379f5496151Windows crash dialog
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1. Start PgS
2. Create new document
3. Place Graphic (I selected a png I have used before)
4. print

uh oh it crashes

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2007-08-20 14:06:04

Tim Doty 2005-12-04 17:04

Just tested on PgS Pro Windows. Tried an existing document, printing a single page consisting of a frameless text object and a frame of text. Also tested with a new document consisting of a box. After a slight delay PgS crashes, the error requester is snapshotted as the referenced image. Nothing makes it to the printer.

The printer is a network printer using IPP that works from other windows applications. Tried with advanced printing features enabled and disabled.

Also tested *not* printing to the windows printer (selected "print to file", print to postscript file, selected the HP LJ2300 PPD [same as the one selected for Windows printing]). I tried both documents again and both printed successfully (though the window failed to refresh being overdrawn by the print requester).

So the problem lies in talking with the windows print system, perhaps due to the IPP printing.

Win2K SP4 (with all security patches)
Windows Services For Unix (NIS, NFS)
Printer port:http://<ip address>:631/printers/printer (internet port)
Printer driver: HP Laserjet 2300 Series PS (

Tim Doty wrote...2008-05-07 11:02:22

The product is listed as (linux) which works for me, but the comment refers to windows. That is a slightly old version at this time. As the bug is still open I'll try to test this again using a current version.

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Bug #77 - Printing crashes PgS by Tim Doty   print
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