Bug #59 - Rotation point problems
Product:PageStream (Linux)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2005-04-27 14:41:00
Category:Drawing ToolsUpdated:2005-04-27 14:41:00
Summary:Rotation point problems
Keywords:edit palette,rotate tool,rotate about point
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1. Editing the numbers doesn't work. They revert immediately upon application (e.g., pressing the edit palette apply button)

2. When dragging with the ctrl-key to (sorry, I forget the right term here) when releasing the mouse button the outline snaps from where it had been translated to a different shape & rotation. It looks like it flips 180 degrees? And if sheer would have reduced to a small visible size it becomes large.

------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2005-04-27 14:43 -------

If the rotate point is supposed to be an 'x' then it is misdisplayed as well being a single slash

------- Additional Comment #2 From Tim Doty 2005-04-28 00:13 -------

I thought I was testing with, but it turns out it was Trying again in item #1 worked correctly, but item #2 was still a problem.

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Bug #59 - Rotation point problems by Tim Doty   edit palette,rotate tool,rotate about point
  created:2005-04-27 14:41:00   last updated:2005-04-27 14:41:00
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