Bug #305 - Style inheritance/based-on not working
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2010-09-06 16:52:52
Category:Document/LayoutUpdated:2010-09-06 16:52:52
Summary:Style inheritance/based-on not working
Keywords:style inheritance
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The possibility of setting a style to use the parent style's settings seems to have disappeared. For example, if subhead1 is defined as 18pt with 100% space before and subhead2 is defined as 14pt it should inherit the 100% space before.

This used to work, and still does for styles created that way. But if adding subhead3 in affected version with 12pt the space before is set to none. Changing it to <as is> works, but each time it is edited it appears to revert to None.

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Bug #305 - Style inheritance/based-on not working by Tim Doty   style inheritance
  created:2010-09-06 16:52:52   last updated:2010-09-06 16:52:52
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