Bug #242 - Add hex grid as type of grid that can be drawn
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:EnhancementAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2008-07-09 12:47:40
Category:Drawing ToolsUpdated:2008-07-09 12:47:40
Summary:Add hex grid as type of grid that can be drawn
Keywords:hex grid
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Currently the grid tool allows one to draw square grids. Proposed enhancement is to allow the drawing of hexagonal grids with this tool and some additional enhancements.

1. In the edit palette the ability to choose between square and hex, similar to the ability to choose corner type for the rectangle. Hex grids introduce some additional configuration parameters:

1a. vertical vs horizontal grid.
1b. even/ragged edges. ragged edges simply crop the hex grid to the given size. Even edges means that all hexes are fully enclosed
1c. up/down. In a vertical grain hex grid the first column sits either higher than or lower than the second column. This controls the offsetting of the first column/row

2. center style. the center of each grid square/hex is: empty, a crosshair, a dot, or a star (six/twelve pointed for hex/8 pointed for square?)

3. numbering. this would require a style be specified or use the text defaults. grid hex/squares are numbered with filled leading zeroes and no commas for column/row (or row/column). Numbering should be top centered (or selected in edit palette)

4. script commands to allow the above

Tim Doty wrote...2008-07-09 13:45:42

Oh, forgot additional grid options:

5. "grid style": full line, no corners, corners only

Just dreaming here Smile

Tim Doty wrote...2008-07-09 14:54:32

6. allow setting size of a single cell (the size of the grid would be computed from the defined number of rows and columns)

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Bug #242 - Add hex grid as type of grid that can be drawn by Tim Doty   hex grid
  created:2008-07-09 12:47:40   last updated:2008-07-09 12:47:40
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