Bug #241 - Illustration pasted in text gone after 'Send to editor'
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:T.J. Zweers
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2008-07-08 02:02:42
Category:Text EditingUpdated:2008-07-08 02:02:42
Summary:Illustration pasted in text gone after 'Send to editor'
Keywords:Illustration paste text gone
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I make an illustration (drawing / ilus) for every formula (with lines instead of underlines) and place this illustration in the text, meaning: I paste the drawing into text so that I don't have to worry about moving it with the text (when adding extra lines).

Now there was something absolutely wrong with the text after inserting (paste) text with text styles!
Lines were only at the top and at the bottom of the page, the rest of the page is empty.

I couldn't see what the problem was, so I did a 'Send text to editor'...
I found the problem and revert to PGS after closing the hotlinked article.
Yes, this problem is gone.

But after some inspection of my document I missed something else...
All my carefully crafted formulas (paste in text!)are gone!

Now I had my thoughts about not being able to edit a paste (illustration) in text, except for deleting, but I thought: well what can go wrong. Now: this!

Is there a way, in an update, to make the text (illustration into text paste) to be editable (if it is not already widowed), and that the 'Send text to editor' isn't that destructible.
I think of something like: the 'illustration in text paste' could be edit like any other illustration. Sort of external?

T.J. Zweers wrote...2008-11-16 07:24:46

New found problems with pasted text(is really an illustration: text with graphical components) and illustrations (bitmap and/or drawings) inside text:

- You cannot copy text and expect that the pasted text and illustrations are copied. Only bare text is copied (though subscript, bold, etc. survive this copying).

- You cannot append a document with pasted text and illustrations to another document without loosing those pasted text and illustrations.

With this, I like to change the priority from average to a higher state!

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-06-13 08:55:48

Still exists in PGS

Tim Doty wrote...2011-06-15 07:16:04

some items are always lost when doing send text to editor. This is a limitation of exporting an article as text. What it boils down to is there is no textual representation for some items, including inline graphics, and so they are not exported with the article.

The workaround is to not send an article to text editor or export as text. Not entirely satisfactory...

A solution is for the text export function to be modified to (optionally, enabled by default) include a representation of anything and everything in the text article. Because it is necessary for exported text to be editable in a text editor the representation must be textual. There are basically two ways this can be implemented:

1. inline -- define new text codes for the currently unhandled items in text such as formatting. Things for which text codes are not reasonable, such as inline graphics, can be delimited with a text code indicating "inline binary" and then a base64 representation included between them.

2. external -- new text codes defined for the currently unhandled items in text such as formatting. Things for which text codes are not reasonable, such as inline graphics, use an "external binary" text code which delimits a relative path to the external object, exported at the same time as the article.

A real problem with inline representation is that the binary data is likely to dwarf the text making some functions, such as send text to editor, less useful. A specialized PgS text editor could have built in functionality to "fold" inline binary data to prevent its being seen or editable, but other text editors would be awkward at best in dealing with the smatterings of text in between base64 encoded data.

The problem with keeping binary data external is that it may be renamed, moved or deleted causing loss of integrity. It would also lead to clutter, particularly if an article had many inline graphics. For something immediate and transient, like sending text to an editor, this is less of a problem.

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Bug #241 - Illustration pasted in text gone after 'Send to editor' by T.J. Zweers   Illustration paste text gone
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