Bug #153 - Bad error codes when printing on AmigaOS 3.x (and probably 4.x too)
Product:PageStream (Amiga OS3 Amiga OS4 MorphOS)Reported By:Deron Kazmaier
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2007-05-20 06:00:00
Category:PrintingUpdated:2007-05-20 06:00:00
Summary:Bad error codes when printing on AmigaOS 3.x (and probably 4.x too)
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David Rey

To begin with, albeit I do have a copy of PGS, I never found the time to put it in good use and I'm not up to date on what's the current version for AmigaOS3/m68k (the website is helpless here, too), so I'm picking as the original "bug report" mentions "PGS 4".

The original mail revealing this bug comes from the "AmigaOS4" mailing list at Yahoogroups, and is quoted below. The person trying to help the user is Detlef Wuerkner, who you probably know as an OS4 developer. I'm sure he will help you with any clarifications you may need in case this quote is unclear.


(begin quote)
| > Started with PageStream4. Created a two page doc with each page being simply a
| > large photo (10"x7.5"). In the "Print setup" window choose "Type = Preference"
| > which causes the 'Model' field to be set to
| > Model = File
| > Leave with USE, but on telling PageStream to 'Print' the only popup is one which
| > presents the error message
| >
| > Printer error 34
| >
| > and printing ceases.
| You want to write a bug report for PageStream, the include file
| <devices/printer.h> says
| ----snip----
| /*
| Note: all error codes < 32 are reserved for printer.device.
| All error codes >= 32 and < 127 are reserved for driver specific
| errors. Negative errors are reserved for system use (standard I/O
| errors) and error code 127 is reserved for future expansion.
| */
| #define PDERR_LASTCUSTOM 126
| ----snip----
| which clearly identifies error 34 as a printer driver error, and this part
| ----snip----
| /* Request to set error hook (for PRD_SETERRHOOK; V44)*/
| #define PDHOOK_NONE ((struct Hook *) NULL)
| #define PDHOOK_STD ((struct Hook *) 1)
| struct IOPrtErrReq
| {
| struct Message io_Message;
| struct Device * io_Device; /* device node pointer */
| struct Unit * io_Unit; /* unit (driver private)*/
| UWORD io_Command; /* device command */
| UBYTE io_Flags;
| BYTE io_Error; /* error or warning num */
| struct Hook * io_Hook;
| };
| ----snip----
| plus the OS3.9 NDK printer tutorial describe how to set up a printer
| error hook which allows to show the user a better error message than
| "Printer error 34".
| > However, looking in Ram: I find the file 'Ram: Page.001' but
| > there is no file 'Ram: Page.002'. The original PageStream doc was two pages, so
| > I expected 'Ram: Page.002'.
| Maybe you told PageStream to print a page number at the bottom of the
| page. In text mode. Printers:File doesnt support text printing so
| eventually it stopped with something like "Printer error 34".
(end quote)

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Bug #153 - Bad error codes when printing on AmigaOS 3.x (and probably 4.x too)   print
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