Bug #115 - Text Mark Page # crashes PgS
Product:PageStream (Linux)Reported By:Gary Lee Smith
Severity:CriticalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
Priority:Average sign in to watch (1 is watching)
Status:Fixed in 5.0.4Reported:2006-05-20 20:06:00
Category:Text EditingUpdated:2006-05-20 20:06:00
Summary:Text Mark Page # crashes PgS
Keywords:insert text mark page #
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Text->Insert->Text Mark Page # crashes PageStream and PageStream consistently. The Page Number is inserted, then a couple of seconds and PageStream crashes.
Athlon 64 using Suse 10.0 x64 with 1gb memory, 10gb swap, which I am guessing PageStream does not access. KDE 3.4.2 Level "b". Gnome 2.x (64-bit) with one 32-bit lib from Suse 9.2 for PgS.

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2009-03-03 11:30:04

I can't find it in the release notes, but I'm sure this has been fixed and I can't reproduce. Please retest in latest 5.0.4 and advise if still a problem for you.

[Status updated to 'Fixed in 5.0.4' on Tue, 03 Mar 2009 11:30:04 -0500]

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Bug #115 - Text Mark Page # crashes PgS by Gary Lee Smith   insert text mark page #
  created:2006-05-20 20:06:00   last updated:2006-05-20 20:06:00
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