Bug #100 - PNG with transparency prints as a black box
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:Fixed in 14:53:00
Category:PrintingUpdated:2006-03-05 14:53:00
Summary:PNG with transparency prints as a black box
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A PNG with transparency displays fine in PgS, but when the documented is printed or saved as a PDF the PNG becomes a black box.

------- Additional Comment #1 From Tim Doty 2006-05-31 02:25 -------

This is still true in the latest version (

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2009-03-03 15:46:10

Alpha channel is now supported in PDF output, but care must be taken to use a PDF viewer which supports alpha channel images.

[Status updated to 'Fixed in' on Tue, 03 Mar 2009 15:46:10 -0500]

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2009-03-03 15:46:44

Opps. Fixed in PDF. PostScript flat out does not support alpha mask images.

Tim Doty wrote...2009-03-03 17:43:53

Understood that PostScript doesn't, but is there no chance of outputting such that the black would instead by white (or some other workaround)?

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2009-03-04 12:44:50

Shame this system doesn't let you split the bug into two bugs. Guess I need a feature request for that...

I will add code to preblend the alpha masked image with white before outputting to PostScript in

So PDF fixed in, and PostScript "hacked" in

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Bug #100 - PNG with transparency prints as a black box by Tim Doty   png,transparency,print,postscript
  created:2006-03-05 14:53:00   last updated:2006-03-05 14:53:00
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