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GetGridDisplay updated:2006-03-30 22:20:07 last comment:2006-05-04 17:16:41
GETGRIDDISPLAY Document Queries Gets the grid display status. getgriddisplay [DEPTH layer] [COLOR stem] [WINDOW name] DEPTH/k Gets the grid depth. COLOR/i Gets the red, green and blue components of the grid color. WINDOW/s The window name. (Default=current) Results: Returns the grid display status (ON|OFF) to RESULT. layer/k...

GetDisplay updated:2006-03-30 22:20:06 last comment:2006-05-04 17:15:57
GETDISPLAY System Queries Gets the display settings. getdisplay [WINDOW name] stem/a Gets the display settings. WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current. Results: stem page/s The page number. mode/k The view magnification mode: CUSTOM | FULLPAGE | FULLPASTEBOARD | FULLPAGEWIDTH | FULLPASTEBOARDWIDTH | FULLPAGEHEIGHT |...

GetWindowPos updated:2006-03-30 22:20:08 last comment:2006-05-04 17:14:54
GETWINDOWPOS System Queries Gets the size and position of a document window. getwindowpos [AT stem] [SIZE stem] [WINDOW name] AT/a Gets the window position. SIZE/a Gets the window size in pixels. WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current. Results: AT stem x/i The horizontal window position. y/i The vertical window...

SetWindowPos updated:2006-03-31 10:53:01 last comment:2006-05-04 17:14:45
SETWINDOWPOS System Commands Sets the size and position of an open document window. setwindowpos [AT x y] [SIZE width height] [WINDOW name] AT/i Sets the window position in pixels. SIZE/i Sets the window size in pixels. WINDOW is the window name. Default=current. Notes: If the AT pointy coordinate is set to -1, the window will...

SetWindowName updated:2006-03-31 10:53:01 last comment:2006-05-04 17:14:16
SETWINDOWNAME Document Commands Changes the view name of a window. setwindowname [WINDOW name] name/s The new view name of a window. WINDOW/s The old window name. Default=current. Notes: Windowname is just the new view name and cannot include the document name. The document name can be changed separately with the SETDOCUMENTNAME...

RevealWindow updated:2006-03-30 20:08:13 last comment:2006-05-04 17:14:09
REVEALWINDOW System Commands Reveals one or more hidden windows. If the window is already visible, it will be brought to the front. revealwindow [which | WINDOW name] which/k Specifies which window to reveal. Options: CURRENT (default) | ALL. WINDOW/s Specifies which window to reveal. Examples: revealwindow current ...

HideWindow updated:2006-03-30 14:48:13 last comment:2006-05-04 17:13:57
HIDEWINDOW System Commands Hides the current window, all windows for the document, or all open windows. hidewindow [which | WINDOW name] which/k The window(s) to hide. Options: CURRENT Hides the current window. Default. ALL Hides all open windows. EXCEPT Hides all but the current window. WINDOW/s Will hide a specific window. ...

RefreshWindow updated:2006-03-30 20:08:12 last comment:2006-05-04 17:13:44
REFRESHWINDOW System Commands Causes the whole window to refresh. If refresh is off or suspended, it will queue the refresh. refreshwindow [WINDOW name] WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current. Examples: refreshwindow window 'Untitled Document.1~View.1'

GetWindows updated:2006-03-30 22:20:08 last comment:2006-05-04 17:13:24
GETWINDOWS System Queries Gets the names of the open view windows for a document. getwindows [DOCUMENT name] stem/a Gets the view names. DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current. Results: The number of open windows is returned to RESULT. stem 0/i The name of the first view. 1/i The name of the second view. etc. ...

OpenWindow updated:2006-03-30 17:26:09 last comment:2006-05-04 17:13:06
OPENWINDOW File Commands This opens a new window for an open document. openwindow [DOCUMENT name] [PAGE number | MPG name] [SCALE ] [OFFSET offsetx offsety] windowname/s The name of the new window. DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current. PAGE/s The page number to display. MPG/s The master page and side to display. ...

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