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How do I...? updated:2006-06-11 20:15:56
How do I customize the toolbar?: Choose Preferences from the Project menu and click on the Toolbar tab of the Preferences dialog box. Select a command, tool or script to add in the left scrolling list and then click the >> button. Click the Up and Down buttons to reorder the added buttons in the right scrolling list. Click Insert Space to add space...

Common Questions updated:2006-06-11 20:09:05

Moving Around the Page updated:2006-06-11 19:37:18
Unless you have a large monitor or are working on a small page, you may not be able to see the whole page at once at actual size. You can use the window's horizontal and vertical scrollbars to scroll the page within the window. PageStream will automatically scroll the page in the window when you drag the mouse near the edge of the window while drawing,...

Moving Between Documents updated:2006-06-11 19:31:41
PageStream allows you to open as many documents as you wish, limited only by available memory. You can use this facility to work on multiple documents and to copy text and graphics between documents. Each document exists in its own window. You can also open more than one window for each document. One window will always be the active window, and thus its...

Navigating updated:2006-06-11 19:27:56
PageStream offers you several ways to view your document pages. You can change the view magnification level and the portion of the page which is shown in a document window. You can also change the page or pages which are displayed in a window.

Using Text updated:2006-06-11 18:17:53

Moving and Resizing Objects updated:2006-06-11 16:45:03
You can use the Object tool to move and resize objects. If Snap-to-Grid and Snap-to-Guides are toggled off, you can move an object to any position and scale it to any size. If Snap-to-Grid is on, you can move and resize objects only in grid increments. If Snap-to-Guides is on, object edges will snap to a guide when the edge is moved near the guide....

Text updated:2006-06-11 13:40:25
Text Chapter

Revert updated:2006-06-11 13:15:15
If you make a number of errors and it would be easier to reopen the last saved version instead of undoing all the changes, you can close your current document and reopen the original. PageStream can do this for you automatically. To revert to the previous version of a document: Choose Revert from the File menu. You will be prompted to close the existing...

S Commands updated:2006-06-10 10:31:44
PageStream S Command Reference

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