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Font Preferences updated:2006-07-04 09:50:19
Font Preferences defines the folders of fonts for PageStream to use, as well as provide control of the internal font caching system. On Amiga OS3, Amiga OS4 and Morph OS platforms, these are the only fonts that are used within PageStream. On Windows and Linux, the standard system fonts are added automatically and Font Preferences provides a way to define...

System Preferences updated:2006-07-04 09:40:26
PageStream has additional preferences options which can be accessed from the System Preferences submenu in the File menu. These functions vary some between platforms.

The Editors Panel updated:2006-07-04 09:17:23
Text Editor Script: Enter the full path and name of the external Python or ARexx script to execute when Send to Editor is chosen and the insertion point is in an article. A Python script is provided that can be updated in a text editor to support a nearly endless number of text editors. On the Amiga, ARexx scripts are provided for PageLiner and TurboText....

The Files Panel updated:2006-07-04 09:01:11
Show all files in file selector: Select to show all files, not just valid files, in file selectors. Place graphic in center: Select to place and paste graphics automatically in the center of the screen. Otherwise, once a graphic is loaded or pasted in the document window, the mouse pointer will change to the paste cursor, allowing you to position and scale...

The Measurement Panel updated:2006-07-04 08:28:44
Relative To: Choose whether object coordinates are relative to the page or spread, if applicable. If you choose to measure relative to the page when viewing a spread, each page in the spread will have its own coordinates with which objects on that page are measured relative too; whereas, if you measure relative to the spread, all the objects in the spread...

How to Navigate in the Preferences Dialog Box updated:2006-07-03 21:51:25
The Preferences dialog box has a list of Items for groups of preference options. Click an Item to view its panel of options. When you have changed the needed preferences, click Use to use these new settings without changing your permanent settings, or click Save to change your permanent defaults. Click Save As to save the settings as a new preferences file...

Customizing PageStream updated:2006-07-03 21:49:52
PageStream's Preferences dialog box allows you to customize PageStream's many features. To display the Preferences dialog box, choose Preferences from the File menu. This section describes all of the options displayed in that dialog box. Also, it describes System Preferences for platform specific preferences....

Using Bookmarks updated:2006-07-03 21:28:28
Bookmarks can be inserted in text anywhere in a document to help move quickly to key points. To insert a new bookmark: Select the Text tool from the Toolbox and place the insertion point where the bookmark will be inserted. Choose Bookmarks from the Window menu and the Bookmarks dialog box will appear. Click the Insert button to insert a bookmark at the...

How to Move Objects updated:2006-07-03 20:37:43
1. Select the Object tool from the Toolbox. 2. Select the object(s). 3. Position the mouse pointer. Position the pointer on the object, but not on a size handle. Hold down the mouse button and drag until you see the mouse pointer change to a four-way arrow, and then drag the object to a new position. Release the mouse button to set the new position. ...

View and Page Controls updated:2006-07-02 21:22:31
These controls set the view magnification and change the displayed page. View Select a preset view magnification or choose Other to see the Custom Scale dialog box. Custom Scale Click to see the Custom Scale dialog box. Shift click to set the previous custom scale value. Zoom Out Click to decrease the view magnification. Zoom In Click to increase the...

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