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Chapter Numbering updated:2006-07-06 14:24:06
PageStream offers two chapter numbering systems: * Automatic: Chapters are numbered consecutively at each level of the document. * Manual: Chapter numbering restarts at a specified number. These options can be selected from the ''Chapter Numbering'' pop-up menu in the ''Document Setup'' and ''Chapter...

Page Numbers in Chapters updated:2006-07-06 14:20:46
PageStream offers complete control over page numbering in complex documents. You can: * Number pages and chapters consecutively throughout a document. * Restart page and chapter numbering at the start of each chapter. * Set whether the first page of a chapter will begin on an even or odd page. * Define the length of a chapter to include blank pages. * Vary...

Moving Between Pages updated:2006-07-06 10:26:43
You can choose which page to display in the document window by clicking on the page buttons in the horizontal scroll bar. The ''Previous Page'' button displays the previous page in the document, and the ''Next Page'' button displays the next page. The current page number is always shown in the ''Go to...

Master Page Objects updated:2006-07-05 21:31:25
You can create, modify and delete objects on master pages just like objects on normal pages in your document. To edit a master page's objects, you must display the master page in the document window. [note=sidebar][/note] To display a master page in the document window: Click the ''Go to Page'' button. The ''Go to...

Step 7: Positioning the text block updated:2006-07-05 20:03:33
You will now align the text block you created in step 2 so that it is centered under the logo. 1. Select the logo. Choose the ''Object tool'' and select the logo, if it is not already selected. When the object is selected, its coordinates will be shown in the ''Edit palette'' and object sizing handles will appear...

Step 1: Setting the measurement system updated:2006-07-05 15:08:22
1. Start PageStream. Double-click on the PageStream icon in the PageStream folder. When the PageStream ''Navigator'' appears, you're ready to start. [note=sidebar][/note] 2. Choose ''Prefs'' in the ''Navigator''. The ''Preferences'' dialog box will appear. Click on the...

GetSelectedObjects updated:2006-03-31 14:12:24 last comment:2006-07-05 14:24:24
GETSELECTEDOBJECTS Object Queries Gets the ID's of all selected objects, as well as their bounding box. getselectedobjects [IDLIST stem] [BOUNDINGBOX bbox/.LEFT.TOP.RIGHT.BOTTOM] [DIMENSIONS dim/.LEFT.TOP.RIGHT.BOTTOM] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number] IDLIST/a Gets the ID's of each selected object. BOUNDINGBOX/a Gets the...

Installing Fonts for use with PageStream Amiga updated:2006-07-04 09:55:35
PageStream supports two font systems: PostScript Type 1 (Windows or MS-DOS format) and TrueType/OpenType (Windows format only). Compugraphic Intellifont and PageStream DMF or not current supported. PageStream does not use the Amiga's built-in font system because AmigaOS doesn't offer the features required by a desktop publishing program. Windows...

Font Preferences updated:2006-07-04 09:50:19
''Font Preferences'' defines the folders of fonts for PageStream to use, as well as provide control of the internal font caching system. On Amiga OS3, Amiga OS4 and Morph OS platforms, these are the only fonts that are used within PageStream. On Windows and Linux, the standard system fonts are added automatically and ''Font...

System Preferences updated:2006-07-04 09:40:26
PageStream has additional preferences options which can be accessed from the ''System Preferences'' submenu in the ''File'' menu. These functions vary some between platforms.

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