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Defining Custom Kerning Pairs updated:2006-07-25 19:26:45
Many commercial fonts, and most shareware or public domain fonts, have limited or no kerning pairs defined. With PageStream, it is possible to improve upon the predefined kerning pairs. To modify the kerning pairs for a font: Choose Kerning Pairs from the Define submenu in the Edit menu. The Define Kerning dialog box will appear. Choose the font from the...

Auto Kerning and Ligatures updated:2006-07-25 19:18:26
Kerning adjusts the space between all occurrences of specific character pairs. Certain characters look better when spaced more closely. PageStream can automatically remove space between characters as you enter text. Ligatures are combinations of two or three characters which are used to improve their appearance because they usually do not look good...

Paragraph and Character Styles updated:2006-07-25 12:31:41

Define Hyphenation updated:2006-07-25 12:29:15
To change hyphenation for every occurrence of a word: Choose Hyphenation from the Define submenu of the Edit menu to display the Define Hyphenation dialog box. Enter the word to hyphenate into the text box. Click Find to see if the word is already in the hyphenation exceptions file, or click Break to test the hyphenation algorithms. Hyphenation break...

Paragraph Rules updated:2006-07-25 11:13:48
You can set paragraph rules to have PageStream automatically insert a horizontal line above and/or below a paragraph, and you can change the paragraph rules distance from the beginning or end of the paragraph, rule length and style. How to set a paragraph rule: 1. Open the Paragraph Rules dialog box. Choose Paragraph Rules from the Type menu to display the...

Indents updated:2006-07-25 11:07:18
Indents move paragraphs inward from the left and right edges of a text column. You can indent the left and/or right edges of an entire paragraph and indent the first line in the paragraph. To set indents: Choose Paragraph Format from the Type menu to display the Paragraph Format dialog box, or use the Paragraph view of the Edit Palette. Enter the First...

Paragraph Spacing updated:2006-07-25 11:04:31
You can change the amount of space above and below paragraphs. Instead of pressing Return a second time after ending a paragraph to insert a blank line, you can specify the exact amount of space you want before and after paragraphs. If you choose to add space before paragraphs, PageStream will add the space before all paragraphs except the first paragraph...

Language updated:2006-07-25 10:59:06
Select from the Language submenu to choose from the installed languages and your page numbers, dates, times and hyphenation will change to reflect that language if you hadn't specified it in the aforementioned attributes. This attribute is also used for checking the spelling of the articles....

Convert Case updated:2006-07-25 10:56:00
The Convert Case submenu allows you to change the case of the selected text. It is not a real character attribute at this time, so you will have to change the case manually each time you want to do so. Note: It is possible to set a case text attribute for lower, upper and capitlized text via the internal macro commands. This text will remain unchanged and...

Character and Word Spacing updated:2006-07-24 21:54:42
Character spacing allows you to adjust the space surrounding each character. Each character in a font is designed with a certain amount of space around it. You can increase or decrease this space with character spacing. Word spacing allows you to adjust the space surrounding each word. The space character in each font determines the size of the space...

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