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Working with Groups updated:2006-08-04 22:49:47
PageStream can combine objects into groups to freeze their relative positions and to simplify manipulating them. A group of objects can be selected, moved, scaled and edited as one object. The appearance of the individual objects is unchanged when they are grouped; groups exist only to make editing easier. Groups can be many levels deep. For example, you...

Comparing Drawings with Groups updated:2006-08-04 22:00:53
Do not confuse drawings with groups. While the concepts may seem similar, they produce different results, especially when you edit the combined objects. Basically, grouping objects combines them together so that you can edit them as a single object, but the components retain their individual properties: e.g., the shapes' line weights remain the same as...

Selecting Objects updated:2006-08-04 20:54:04
The ''Object'' tool allows you to select objects to move, scale or change. An object is selected when size handles (small squares) are shown around its bounding box. You can also select objects with the ''Reshape'', ''Crop'' and ''Rotate'' tools, but some...

Using Objects updated:2006-08-04 20:47:55
Everything on a page is an object, whether it is a text block, text frame, picture, EPS graphic or polygon. PageStream provides five tools to manipulate objects:  ''Object'' tool Use the ''Object'' tool to edit, move and scale objects. When this tool is selected, you can manipulate with ''Object''...

Drawing Paths updated:2006-08-04 20:40:13
A path is a series of any number of line and curve segments. It is called a path because an imaginary pen follows a path to draw the lines and curves. A path with two points would have one segment connecting them, a path with three points would have two segments, and so on. PageStream uses Bezier curves to generate smooth curves. Each curve has two Bezier...

Drawing Shapes updated:2006-08-04 20:25:39
To draw a basic shape: Choose a shape tool. Some tools are combined in flyout tool groups. To select one of these, click on the tool icon and drag out. Some shapes are drawn from a corner to a diagonally opposite corner, while others are drawn from the center to the outside edge. Customizing the drawing tools: Some of the drawing tools can be customized to...

Creating Graphics updated:2006-08-04 20:19:22
You can create drawings with PageStream's drawing tools, but you cannot create bitmapped pictures or EPS illustrations within PageStream. However, it is possible to export or print to a bitmap or print to an EPS file and import it later. PageStream has two types of drawing tools: shape and path tools. The shape tools are used to draw geometric shapes...

Graphics updated:2006-08-04 17:14:08

Objects updated:2006-08-04 17:13:31
Objects Chapter

Concepts updated:2006-08-04 17:11:55
Article: When you type or import text into a text frame, the text becomes part of an article. Text frames are containers which hold text articles. Articles can flow from page to page because text frames can be linked together. You can place more than one article on a page. For example, a newspaper generally has half a dozen articles on the front page which...

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