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Step 11: Printing the document updated:2006-07-05 20:37:33
Before you print the menu, you should save your work. Choose Save from the Project menu to save the document with the current name. If you have not already configured your printer setup in PageStream you should do so now. When you have selected a printer driver with Print Setup from the File menu, you are ready to print your document. 1. Choose Print from...

Step 10: Setting dot leaders updated:2006-07-05 20:33:37
The three columns you created earlier contains text that will use dot leaders (rows of dots between the left and right text blocks.) PageStream's Tab feature allows you to insert aligned rows of dots. Instead of manually pressing the period key (which are too closely spaced and which can not be aligned without a monospaced font), PageStream's dot leader...

Step 9: Importing text updated:2006-07-05 20:23:08
Now you will import a text file into the new columns. Importing text into PageStream is similar to placing a graphic, which you preformed in Step 4. 1. Choose the Text tool and click anywhere in the leftmost column. [note=sidebar][/note] The insertion point will be placed in the top left corner of the text columns. 2. Choose Insert Text from the File menu....

Step 8: Creating multiple text columns updated:2006-07-05 20:18:36
The guides you need to create this menu are already created. The margin guides define the edges of the layout, and column guides which divide the layout into a columnar grid. In this step, you will create a three column text frame. Go to page 2, using the Next Page button. Choose Show Full Page from the View pop-up menu if the entire page is not already...

Step 7: Positioning the text block updated:2006-07-05 20:03:33
You will now align the text block you created in step 2 so that it is centered under the logo. 1. Select the logo. Choose the Object tool and select the logo, if it is not already selected. When the object is selected, its coordinates will be shown in the Edit palette and object sizing handles will appear around the outer edge of the object at the corners...

Step 6: Setting Text Attributes updated:2006-07-05 20:01:13
The text you typed is 12 point sans serif (AmigaOS: Triumvirate, Linux:, Windows: Arial, Macintosh: Helvetica); this is PageStream's default font and size. You will change the text to Bold 24 point now. 1. Choose Select All from the Edit menu. The text in the text object will be selected. 2. Change the font. Press and hold the mouse button on the Font...

Step 5: Creating a text block updated:2006-07-05 19:05:07
For this lesson you type the words Take Out Menu onto the front panel. Creating a text block is the best way to enter a short block of text such as this. Before you create the text block, you should change to a larger view magnification. Choose Actual Size from the View submenu in the Window menu or click on the Custom Scale button in the Toolbar and select...

Step 4: Placing graphics updated:2006-07-05 19:04:17
The outside of the brochure is made up of three panels. The front will have a logo. You will now place a graphic on the front panel. 1. Choose the Place Graphic command from the File menu. This will open the Place Graphic file selector. Select Lessons.ILUS file from the Graphics folder in the PageStream directory and click on Open. 2. Click on Place in the...

Step 2: Starting a new document updated:2006-07-05 15:11:07
This document will be double-sided because guides are associated with master page sides in PageStream. The front and back of the menu must have different guide positions to accommodate the folds. Making the document double-sided allows you to set different guide positions for the sides of the menu. The document must also be landscape orientation; wider than...

Step 1: Setting the measurement system updated:2006-07-05 15:08:22
1. Start PageStream. Double-click on the PageStream icon in the PageStream folder. When the PageStream Navigator appears, you're ready to start. [note=sidebar][/note] 2. Choose Prefs in the Navigator. The Preferences dialog box will appear. Click on the Measurement item to display the Measurement panel. * Horizontal: Picas * Vertical: Same as Horizontal *...

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