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Text Frame Options updated:2006-07-06 21:07:50
To change the number of columns in a text frame after creating it: Select the frame with the Object tool. Choose Text Frame Options from the Frame submenu in the Object menu to display the Text Frame Options dialog box. Ticking the Custom Widths box will show each of the column widths in the Widths list. Clicking on one of the widths will show the current...

Introduction updated:2006-07-06 21:04:52
PageStream offers three ways to put text on a page: text frames, text blocks, and tables. Text frames are containers in which text may be entered. Most text frames are rectangular text column frames with one or more columns. Text frames created from irregular shapes are referred to as text shape frames. Text column frames are normally used for the body text...

How do I...? updated:2006-07-06 21:03:32
How do I create a new document?: [/note]Click on the blank page icon of the toolbar or choose New from the File menu. Select a page size and orientation, and select Double-Sided and Facing Pages if your document will have a layout that differs on left and right pages. Click OK. How do I open a document?: [note=sidebar]Click on the folder icon of the toolbar...

Document Window updated:2006-07-06 21:01:57
When creating a new document or loading an existing document, a document window opens containing the first page. Each document displays in its own window, and more than one window for each document can be opened at any time. One window will always be the active window, and thus its document will be the active document. To activate a window, click on the...

The Grid updated:2006-07-06 14:46:27
PageStream's grid is the equivalent of graph paper. It is shown as rows and columns of non-printing dots. It allows you to align objects to its points. The grid is part of the master page, so its settings will be identical on all pages based on a specific master page. This will help you maintain a uniform appearance for your document. Unlike page guides,...

Changing the rulers updated:2006-07-06 14:28:32
The rulers normally display the horizontal and vertical measurement systems, but you can override the ruler defaults in a window. To set the rulers' measurement systems: Choose Set Rulers from the Layout menu to display the Set Rulers dialog box. If you want to use the default measurement systems, select Same As Measurement System from the horizontal and...

Changing measurement systems updated:2006-07-06 14:27:57
To set the measurement systems: Choose Preferences from the File menu to display the Preferences dialog box. Click on the Measurement item to display the Measurement panel. Select a horizontal measurement. If you want to use the same system for vertical and relative measurements, set them to Same As Horizontal; otherwise select their measurement systems....

Chapter Numbering updated:2006-07-06 14:24:06
PageStream offers two chapter numbering systems: * Automatic: Chapters are numbered consecutively at each level of the document. * Manual: Chapter numbering restarts at a specified number. These options can be selected from the Chapter Numbering pop-up menu in the Document Setup and Chapter Setup dialog boxes. Use Document Setup to set the chapter numbering...

Page Numbers in Chapters updated:2006-07-06 14:20:46
PageStream offers complete control over page numbering in complex documents. You can: * Number pages and chapters consecutively throughout a document. * Restart page and chapter numbering at the start of each chapter. * Set whether the first page of a chapter will begin on an even or odd page. * Define the length of a chapter to include blank pages. * Vary...

Introduction updated:2006-07-06 11:44:37
PageStream can number your pages and chapters automatically. Pages are numbered consecutively from first to last, but you can change the starting page number to any number. Note that the range of allowed page numbers is 1 to 9999, regardless of the number of pages in a document or the starting page number. Pages at the document level are numbered before...

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