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Concepts updated:2006-08-12 16:40:36
PostScript printers: PostScript printers use the PostScript® printer control language developed by Adobe Systems Inc. PostScript is a method of describing a page to a printer. The PostScript interpreter in a printer understands the commands and renders the text and objects to the page. PostScript printers can image a page much faster than a non-PostScript...

Why...? updated:2006-08-12 16:37:58
Why does my printer print mirrored?: Check to ensure you have selected the correct PPD file for your printer with the Browse button next to the PPD text box in the Print dialog box. Without a PPD file, or with the incorrect PPD file, it is possible for a printer to print PageStream documents mirrored when they shouldn't....

Common Questions updated:2006-08-12 16:30:01

Creating Documents for the WWW updated:2006-08-12 16:26:47
PDF is a document standard, which ensures that a document will look the same, regardless of the hardware used to view it. To read, print or view it, you only need suitable software, which is available on all platforms. Most web browsers can decode and display PDF files, which has caused it to be a standard used to provide online documentation, such as...

Printing Color Separations updated:2006-08-12 16:25:15
PageStream can color separate your documents so that they can be printed at a commercial printer. A separate sheet of film or paper will be printed for each spot or process color you use in your document. The sheets of film or paper are referred to as the separations or plates. You can choose to print a plate for all colors used in your document, or only...

Mass Mailing and Address Label Printing updated:2006-08-12 16:22:55
Mail merge enables you to print multiple copies of form letters, labels, or any other document with text customized with the varying content of records in a mail merge text file. The mail merge file must be a text file where each field is separated by tabs, and each record is ended by a return (CR, LF, or CR/LF). The character set used for the text file is...

Business Card and Label Printing updated:2006-08-12 16:05:56
Printing multiple copies of a page to a single sheet of paper has traditionally been done by creating duplicate copies of the elements on the screen. By using the repeating print option in PageStream, a design change need only be made to a single copy and the document file size is now much smaller. To print a repeating page: Choose Print from the File menu...

Signature Printing updated:2006-08-12 15:59:58
When creating a multi page booklet, it is possible to have PageStream print multiple pages together on a single sheet of paper such that the pages can be folded and stapled to create a booklet, or folded and cut for later binding into a book. To print a signature booklet: Choose Print from the File menu to display the Print dialog box. Choose the...

Printing Newsletters, Labels and Business Cards updated:2006-08-12 15:58:35

Using a Service Bureau updated:2006-08-12 13:33:59
Most people don't have direct access to an imagesetter, so the files must be taken to a service bureau for printing. If your computer is directly connected to an imagesetter, you can skip this section. If your computer is not connected to an imagesetter, you have two options for printing to an imagesetter: * Take your PageStream documents to a service...

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