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Style Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:36:26
The Style Palette allows you to apply Paragraph Styles and Character Styles to the selected text and object styles to the selected objects, as well as edit the existing text and object styles. See: Text > Paragraph and Character Styles and Object > Object Styles

Color Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:34:52
The Color Palette allows you to conveniently apply stroke and fill colors to text and objects, and enables you to edit the colors used in the document. See: Line, Fill and Color > Applying Line, Fill and Color Attributes > The Color Palette

Edit Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:33:05
The Edit Palette allows you to format text and edit objects quickly and easily. It provides several shortcuts to the major object and text attributes, and it displays the coordinates of the selected object(s) or point(s) to modify them easily. Its contents vary depending on the context: tool selected in the Toolbox, object selected, mouse operation, etc. It...

Navigator updated:2006-08-15 15:29:53
The PageStream Navigator window will appear at startup and when all document windows are closed. It provides shortcuts to commonly used commands. See: Getting Started > Exploring PageStream > The Navigator

Toolbar updated:2006-08-15 15:28:41
The Toolbar gives you easy access to commonly used commands. It can be configured via the Preferences dialog box. It may also be hidden to save screen space. See: Getting Started > Exploring PageStream > The PageStream Screen > Toolbar

Document Window updated:2006-08-15 14:45:50
PageStream allows you to open an unlimited number of documents at once, each one with an unlimited number of views. It also allows you to set up various display options, such as Grayscale mode and Preview Color Separations. See: Getting Started > Document Window The controls to the bottom left of the document window allow you to change the view...

Window updated:2006-08-15 14:39:25
View Choose a view magnification level from the View submenu to change the magnification of the page in the current window. See: Getting Started > Navigating a Document > Changing View Magnifications Bookmarks Opens the Bookmarks dialog box where bookmarks can be inserted into the text, and display text where existing bookmarks. See: Getting Started...

Scripts updated:2006-08-15 14:21:57
Play External Script Opens a file selector allowing you to choose an external Python, AppleScript, or ARexx script to play. See: Scripting > What are Scripts? Start Recording Starts recording every subsequent action in PageStream. See: Scripting > What are Scripts? Stop Recording Stops recording a script. The Edit Script dialog box will open allowing...

Distributing Objects updated:2006-08-15 14:10:09
PageStream can distribute objects evenly within their bounding box or with a given amount of space between them. You can choose to distribute objects evenly, relative to their left or right edges, or to their centers. To distribute objects: Select more than one object with the Object tool. Choose Distribute from the Object menu to display the Distribute...

Type updated:2006-08-15 13:50:57
Font Choose a font to apply to the selected or future text from the Font submenu, or choose Choose... to open the Font dialog box. See: Text > Character Attributes > Fonts Size Choose a preset font size to apply to the selected or future text from the Size submenu, or choose Other.. to type a different size. See: Text > Character Attributes >...

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