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Generating a Mask Automatically updated:2006-08-09 18:46:23
If you want to wrap text around the subject of a bitmapped picture, you can draw a path around the subject and use the path as a mask. PageStream can generate the mask automatically if the subject is on a white background. To generate a mask: Select a picture with the Object tool. Choose Generate Mask from the Mask submenu in the Object menu. Choose Text...

Masks updated:2006-08-09 18:25:42
Graphics have a rectangular frame which allows you to crop them. You can draw any shape with PageStream's drawing tools and use it to mask, or crop, parts of the graphic outside of this irregular frame. PageStream can also generate a mask automatically for certain bitmapped pictures....

Compound Objects & Composite Paths updated:2006-08-09 16:37:17
You can create a transparent opening in a filled object by joining two or more closed and overlapping objects to make a compound object or composite path. The parts which overlap will be unfilled, making holes through which you can see objects behind them. If the objects do not overlap, no holes will be created but the objects will still become one object. ...

Aligning and Distributing Objects updated:2006-08-09 16:24:59

Rotating Objects updated:2006-08-09 16:23:33
PageStream can rotate objects about their centers or a user defined point. You can slant objects horizontally or twist them vertically. Rotation is a combination of equal amounts of slant and twist. To rotate objects with the Rotate command: Select the object(s) with the Object tool. Choose Rotate from the Object menu to display the Rotate dialog box....

Reshaping Tables updated:2006-08-09 11:50:28
The Reshape tool allows you to select and edit the cells in a table instead of editing the entire table. You can insert and delete rows and columns, merge cells into larger cells, dissolve larger cells into original cells, set formulas for cells, and set the width, height, fill and border for cells. Note the difference when you select a table with the...

Reshaping Paths updated:2006-08-09 11:34:09
The Reshape tool allows you to edit the points in a path instead of its bounding box. You can add, delete, move and edit point handles after selecting a path with the Reshape tool. When you select a path with the Reshape tool, handles appear at each point. Note the difference when you select a path with the Reshape tool instead of the Object tool. ...

GetMarginGuides updated:2006-03-30 22:20:07 last comment:2006-08-08 18:48:36
GETMARGINGUIDES Document Queries Gets the margin guides for a master page. getmarginguides [MASTERPAGE name] stem/a Gets the guide information. MASTERPAGE/s The master page name. Default=current. Results: stem inside/d The inside margin. outside/d The outside margin. top/d The top margin. bottom/d The bottom margin. ...

Scripting updated:2006-06-16 13:12:04 last comment:2006-08-08 09:14:19
Scripting related articles including, but not limited to, topics such as: Language choice Script conversion The major theme of the article should be related to scripting creation and usage.

Recommended Reading updated:2006-08-07 17:45:02

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