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PageStream Scripting Documentation updated:2006-08-16 17:35:42

Using Blends and Transparencies updated:2006-08-16 16:43:12
Fill blending or transparency are terms commonly used to communicate the concept of blending objects with the objects beneath them. These blends can act much like the finger paints we played with as a child. A red box partially overlapping a yellow circle will display and print as orange where the two shapes overlap. Before now, many eye-caching graphic...

Making eye-catching titles with TextFX updated:2006-08-16 16:07:46
One of the principle rules in designing a document is that it must be readable. Another rule is that it should be interesting. Unfortunately, the most readable documents are often the most uninteresting ones. Compromise is the solution. Luckily, interesting headlines can still be very readable and PageStream gives you the tools to make interesting...

Using Language Modules updated:2006-08-16 15:54:57
If you take a quick peek in PageStream, you will see a number of languages listed in the Language submenu in the Type menu. These represent languages for which PageStream has a spelling dictionary, hyphenation routines, and provisions for language specific date, time and smart quotes. A few other things like index topics are also controlled by the language...

Getting Started updated:2006-08-15 17:44:32

How do I...? updated:2006-08-15 15:52:17
How do I draw shapes?:              Choose a shape tool and drag the mouse from the start to the end of the shape. Release the mouse to end the shape. Most shapes are drawn from a corner to the diagonally opposite corner. Ellipses, arcs and polygons are drawn from the center to the outside edge. How do I draw paths?: Choose the Pen tool and click...

Document Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:43:01
The Document Palette allows you to change the document's structure: add, move, insert, delete and edit chapters, and add, delete and edit master pages. See: Documents > Chapters and Documents > Master Pages

Page Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:41:31
The Page Palette allows you to move the pages in your document, create and dissolve page spreads, change the master page on which a page is based, and insert or delete pages. See: Documents > Pages

Layer Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:38:16
The Layer Palette allows you to set the active drawing layer for the page, make layers/drawings invisible and visible, shortcuts for creating and deleting layers, and shortcuts for changing the stack order of layers. See: Objects > Layers

Script Palette updated:2006-08-15 15:37:22
The Script Palette allows you to record and play internal scripts, as well as edit the existing scripts. See: Scripting > What are Scripts?

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