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Filling an Area updated:2006-08-17 22:22:14
BME allows you to fill the area inside a selection marquee. This is similar to drawing a filled box in a paint program and is a good way to clear part of a picture. To fill an area: Choose the Marquee tool and select an area if one is not already selected. Choose the Fill command from the Effects menu to fill the area with the foreground color. Hold down a...

Cropping a Picture and Cloning an Area updated:2006-08-17 22:19:26
You can crop a picture to the selected area with the Crop command in the Effects menu. This removes all the pixels from outside the selection marquee and reduces the picture to the area. You can also copy the area into a new window without damaging the original size with the Clone command. To crop a picture: Choose the Marquee tool and select an area if...

Copying and Pasting an Area updated:2006-08-17 22:07:09
You can copy the contents of a selected area for pasting into the same picture, another picture or another program. BME stores cut and copied picture areas in the system clipboard. When an area has been copied to the clipboard from BME or when a picture has been copied to the clipboard from another program supporting the system clipboard, it can be pasted...

Moving an Area updated:2006-08-17 22:04:56
You can move a selected area to another position in the picture by dragging it with the mouse, and you can leave a copy of the area if desired. To move an area: Choose the Marquee tool and select an area if one is not already selected. Move the mouse inside the area; the mouse pointer will change to a four-way arrow. Drag the area to a new position and...

Selecting an Area updated:2006-08-17 21:58:08
Some of BME's commands require that you select an area of the picture first, while others work on the entire picture. Some commands work on an area when one is selected and on the picture when nothing is selected. When an area is selected, you cannot paint outside of it. This protects the rest of the picture from changes you make inside the area. To select...

Remapping Colors in Palette Pictures updated:2006-08-17 21:46:14
If you change the colors of the palette, you may want to restore the appearance of your picture. The Remap option restores the colors used in the picture by examining the palette to find the colors that most closely match the original colors of the picture. To remap colors: Choose the Remap item in the Palette submenu of the Effects menu to remap the...

Editing Colors in Palette Pictures updated:2006-08-17 21:17:31
CMYK and RGB pictures are true color systems, because you define each color used. Palette pictures are different because they use a specified number of colors selected from a true color system. Colors are referred to by number instead of by their color components. 1. Choose the Change item in the Palette submenu of the Effects menu. The Change Palette...

Picking Up Colors updated:2006-08-17 21:09:43
If the color you wish to use is in the picture, you can choose the Eyedropper tool and click on the picture to pick up the color at the tip of the eyedropper pointer. Drag the eyedropper over the picture if the pixels are varying colors, until you pick up the correct color. Hold down a Shift key to pick up the background color instead of the foreground...

Painting updated:2006-08-17 20:52:16
BME is not intended to be a paint program and has limited painting capabilities. The Paint tool allows you to paint with a square brush that can be resized from one to 64 pixels. The default brush size is one pixel square. To paint with the foreground color: Choose the Paint tool from the toolbox and move the mouse into the picture window. The mouse...

Navigating a Picture updated:2006-08-17 15:57:41
BME allows you to open as many pictures as you wish, limited only by the memory in your computer. Each picture exists in its own window. With virtual memory selected in Preferences, you can break the memory barrier. Choose Preferences from the File menu and check the Use Virtual Memory box to use virtual memory. Moving around a picture: Unless you have a...

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