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AppendFontPrefs updated:2006-08-18 11:07:25
This loads a font prefs file and appends the font paths to those added in the Font Preferences dialog box. appendfontprefs <FILE filepath | DEFAULT> FILE/s The filename and path of the fontprefs file to append. DEFAULT Appends the PageStreamn.fontprefs file, based on the version of PageStream. Examples: ARexx: appendfontprefs file...

AllocArexxRequester updated:2006-08-18 11:07:09
Allocates a new dialog box which can be opened from an ARexx script. Returns the dialog box handle to RESULT. allocarexxrequester <name width height> name/s The title of the dialog box. width/i The width of the dialog box in pixels. height/i The height of the dialog box in pixels. Results: The handle (identification number) of the new dialog box is...

AllocArexxList updated:2006-08-18 11:06:57
Allocates a list for a list control (scrolling list, pop-up or cycle). Returns the list handle to RESULT. allocarexxlist (no parameters) Results: The handle (identification number) of the new list is returned to RESULT. The handle is required in order to add items to the list, or to set the list for a control. Notes: Lists are not part of dialog boxes, so...

Align updated:2006-08-18 11:06:42
Aligns objects to each other, to the page or to a point. align <horizontal] [vertical | [AT pointx pointy | AT pointx | AT pointy | OFPAGE]> [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number] horizontal/k Aligns horizontally to a vertical axis. Options: LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT. vertical/k Aligns vertically to a horizontal axix. Options: TOP|MIDDLE|BOTTOM. AT/d...

AddToDrawing updated:2006-08-18 11:05:42
Adds all selected objects to the bottom-most selected drawing. addtodrawing [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current. WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: addtodrawing 'Project.doc'

Pixelize updated:2006-08-18 09:24:20
The pixelize effect breaks up a picture into blocks of pixels to make the picture jaggier. The Pixelize dialog box allows you to set the size of these blocks, or cells, and how the color for each is chosen. For example, if you set a cell size of 6, then each cell will be make up of 36 pixels (6x6). To pixelize an area or picture: Select an area to change,...

Emboss updated:2006-08-18 09:07:49
This effect makes the picture look as if it was engraved in stone. You cannot apply this effect to black and white and palette pictures. To emboss an area or picture: Select an area to emboss, or deselect a selected area if you want to emboss the entire picture. Choose the Emboss command from the Effects menu. ...

Brightness and Contrast updated:2006-08-18 09:03:55
BME can adjust the brightness and contrast of a picture or selected area. Increasing the contrast will make the colors differ more sharply, while decreasing the contrast will make them more similar. Changing the brightness makes all the colors brighter or darker without changing their relative brightness. You cannot adjust the contrast or brightness for...

Flipping and Rotating updated:2006-08-18 08:59:18
You may need to flip a picture to make it work in your layout. BME can flip a picture or area horizontally or vertically. To flip an area or a picture: Select an area to flip, or deselect a selected area if you want to flip the entire picture. Choose the Horizontal or Vertical command from the Flip submenu in the Effects menu. BME also allows you to rotate...

Effects updated:2006-08-18 08:52:43
BME offers several picture effects. Some of these are part of the program, while others are external effects modules. Effects modules are similar to import/export filters. Those stored in the SoftLogik/Effects folder when BME is started are appended to the bottom of the Effects menu. The effects discussed in this section can be applied to the entire picture...

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