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Character Set File Format updated:2006-08-13 21:19:03
This is the format of the character set files for conversion from Unicode characters to the operating system character set. The file must be in ASCII format. The line endings does not matter, nor does the case of the commands. These files are stored in the CSet folder inside the SoftLogik folder, and new ones may be created using existing files as a...

Current Supported Character Sets updated:2006-08-13 13:05:48
Name in PageStream File Name Comments Amiga <built in> Amiga Macintosh <built in> Macintosh Windows <built in> Windows MS-Dos <built in> MS DOS AmigaPL AmigaPL.txt Amiga Polish IBM CP1006 CP1006.txt Windows CP1250(EE) WINCP1250.txt Windows CP1251 WINCP1251.txt Windows CP1252 WINCP1252.txt Windows CP1253 WINCP1253.txt Windows...

Character Sets updated:2006-08-13 12:57:27
Operating systems like Macintosh, Windows and Amiga often only support a character set of 256 characters, each allocated a system number from 0-255 (although some numbers are reserved for special printing/display-terminal functions like carriage return and line feed). The operating system associates a default, predefined character (or, 'glyph') to each...

The Type Panel updated:2006-08-13 12:51:05
Smart Dashes: Select to enable dash conversion. When this option is on, two dashes typed successively will be converted to an en dash, and three dashes will be converted to an em dash. Regular Dash En Dash Em Dash Smart Bullets: Select to enable conversion to bullets. When this option is on, typing an asterisk will enter a bullet. Type two asterisks...

Navigating Shortcuts updated:2006-08-13 12:37:33
* Go to previous page: Option+1 * Go to next page: Option+2 * Go to page: Option+3

Toolbox Shortcuts updated:2006-08-13 12:37:01
* Next tool: Option+Tab * Previous tool: Shift+Option+Tab

Text Editing Shortcuts updated:2006-08-13 12:35:26
To move the insertion point to the... * previous character: press the Left Arrow. * next character: press the Right Arrow. * previous word: press Option Left Arrow. * next word: press Option Right Arrow. * previous line: press the Up Arrow. * next line: press the Down Arrow. * previous paragraph: press Option Up Arrow. * next paragraph: press Option Down...

Object Editing Shortcuts updated:2006-08-13 12:33:52
Nudging objects:   Object(s) must be selected with the Object or Reshape tool to nudge them. * Nudge left: Left Arrow * Nudge right: Right Arrow * Nudge up: Up Arrow * Nudge down: Down Arrow Note: hold down a Shift key to move by 10% of the nudge amount. Moving the contents of a frame: A picture, drawing, EPS object, compound object, or group must be...

Menu Shortcuts updated:2006-08-13 12:31:14
File menu: * New: Command+N * Open: Command+O * Close: Command+W * Save: Command+S * Save As: Shift+Control+S * Insert Text: Command+I * Place Graphic: Command+L * Export Text: Command+E * Export Graphic: Command+K * Preferences: Command+D * Print: Command+P * About PageStream: Command+? * Quit: Command+Q Edit menu: * Undo: Command+Z * Redo: Command+R *...

Maximum updated:2006-08-13 12:23:25

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