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To Autotrace a Picture updated:2006-08-18 17:45:46
1. Select what to trace. Select an area to autotrace, or deselect a selected area if you want to trace the entire picture. 2. Choose the Trace command from the Effects menu. The Trace dialog box will open. 3. Set the sample rate. The Sample Rate setting determines how many pixels to use for tracing. It is not necessary to use every point because it slows...

Autotracing a Picture updated:2006-08-18 17:32:03
Tracing a bitmap picture converts it to a structured drawing. The Autotrace feature scans the picture, looking for lines and curves, and creates a drawing similar to the original picture. Drawings can be edited and scaled without creating jaggies in PageStream, and often require less disk space. While you can autotrace any type of picture using BME, it is...

Undo updated:2006-08-18 17:30:43
If you make a mistake, or you apply an effect and want to try it again with different values, you can use BME's Undo command to reverse your actions. BME can undo as many events as memory permits, and you can redo something you have undone. BME allows you to undo everything except: * Commands in the File menu; * The Play External Script command from the...

Other Effects Modules updated:2006-08-18 11:56:07
Because of the open architecture of BME, additional effects can be added by installing them in the Effects folder. A collection of picture effects exists, called Gary's Effects, that will allow you to obtain just the right look for your pictures. This useful add-on offers, among other effects: Average, Blur, Gamma, Hue and Saturation, Threshold and even a...

Tile updated:2006-08-18 11:55:26
This effect tiles the picture an equal number of tiles vertically and horizontally. Any picture type can be tiled. To tile an area or picture: Select an area to tile, or deselect a selected area if you want to tile the entire picture. Choose the Tile command from the Effects menu to open the Tile dialog box. Drag the slider to set the number of tiles you...

Sharpen updated:2006-08-18 11:54:55
This effect sharpens the edges of pictures. It is particularly effective in pictures that appear blurry. Black and white and palette pictures cannot be sharpened. To sharpen an area or picture: Select an area to change, or deselect a selected area if you want to change the entire picture. Choose the Sharpen command from the Effects menu....

Reduce Noise updated:2006-08-18 11:54:15
If you scan a picture, you may wish to clean it up before using or tracing it. Scanning can create a picture with noise, or random pixels that are not part of the picture. Noise reduction removes clusters or pixels below a specified size. This is especially useful for autotracing so that you can trace the actual picture without tracing undesired pixels....

Duplicate updated:2006-08-18 11:52:09
Duplicates the selected object(s) once with a small offset. duplicate [DEFAULTOFFSET | NOOFFSET | OFFSET offsetx offsety] [IDLIST &objectidlist/.0.1.2] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number] DEFAULTOFFSET/b Use the default duplicate offsets. NOOFFSET/b Duplicate in the exact same location as the originals. OFFSET/d Overrides the default...

DropText updated:2006-08-18 11:51:45
Brief description. New in 4.0. droptext <AT x y> [FRONTMOST | BACKMOST] [MOVE | COPY] [PAGE document:...-pagenum | MPG document:...-masterpage:side | DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document~window] Examples: ARexx: droptext

DrawTextObj updated:2006-08-18 11:51:24
Starts a new text block. drawtextobj <left top> [ROTATE angle | SKEW slantangle twistangle | SLANT angle | TWIST angle] [ABOUT pointx pointy | ABOUTCENTER] [constraint] [printable] [stack] [PAGE number | MPG name/S | DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] left.../d The top left corner of the text block. ROTATE/d The rotation angle. Default=0. SKEW/d The slant...

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