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ColorPalette updated:2006-08-18 18:12:40
Displays the color palette. colorpalette [status] [AT pointx pointy] [SIZE width height] [SAVE] status/k The palette's display status. Options: SHOW | HIDE | TOGGLE. AT/i The palette position in pixels. SIZE/i The palette size in pixels. SAVE Saves the size, position and display status to the BME Preferences file. Notes: TOGGLE may not be used in...

Close updated:2006-08-18 18:11:50
Close a picture. close [NAME name] [mode] NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. mode/k The user prompt mode for unsaved pictures. Options: FORCE | ALERT | QUIET(default). Force ignores the saved status, alert opens an alert box if it has been changed, and quiet ignores the saved status but returns an error if the picture had not been saved. Examples:...

Clone updated:2006-08-18 18:10:26
Opens a new picture window containing just the selected area, without affecting the original picture. clone [NAME name] NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: clone clone name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' clone name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'

C Commands updated:2006-08-18 18:09:51
BME C Command Reference

Index of Commands updated:2006-08-18 18:08:22

Screen Preferences (Amiga only) updated:2006-08-18 18:07:13
* Type: Choose the type of screen on which to open BME. Choose Workbench to run BME on the Workbench screen. Choose New Public to create a new, custom, public screen. Choose Existing Public to run BME on an existing public screen, and enter the name of the screen into the associated text box. New Public is the preferred screen for using BME because BME can...

The Files Panel updated:2006-08-18 18:05:08
* Pictures: Enter the default folder for opening and saving picture files. * Scripts: Enter the default folder for scripts. * Scratch: Enter the default directory for virtual memory scratch files.

Settings updated:2006-08-18 17:56:43
BME's settings are controlled by the Preferences dialog box in the File menu.

Scripts updated:2006-08-18 17:54:43
BME has a scripting system similar to that of PageStream. You can use BME's scripting commands to automate tasks. BME has the same scripting commands as PageStream, which function identically to their PageStream equivalents: * Play External Script: Execute an external Python, ARexx (Amiga) or AppleScript (Macintosh) script. * Start Recording: Start...

Trace Tips updated:2006-08-18 17:53:09
* Leave some blank space around the area to trace. If the pixels to trace touch the outer edge of the area, the outline of the area will be traced. * It is possible to create drawings that are too complex to print. The higher the printer resolution, the less complex a drawing must be to print, due to limitations in the PostScript printer description...

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